I dig Nifty’s. I love The Neighborhood Eatery. Korea House is always a knockout. And, in fact, there’s a new Korean spot (for me, anyway) that I plan on telling y’all about real soon. But in the end, after weighing that probably put a new furrow in my brow, I shot Cupid’s arrow where my heart has been for quite some time: BBB Tofu House.

It was pretty hot out the last time I visited, and it was for this reason (and the fact that I almost always order it) that I didn’t get the stewy-wonderful kimchi sundubu. Instead, I opted for a far lighter dish — jjajangmyeon.

In which noodles are bathed in a sweet, salty black bean sauce and mixed with a heap-load of pork.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.

But man, was this plate comforting. And delicious. And of course, the light, bright banchan did it’s job in pulling some cool air beneath the cozy blanket of carbs and fat and sugar and salt.

And now I’m craving Korean again. You might be, too.

Any of the abovementioned have delightful options, but if you’re on the west side of Colonial or lucky enough to live near this treasure chest of incredible restaurants, BBB most certainly ranks among them.

Critic’s Choice

Winner: BBB Tofu House (5140 W. Colonial Drive in Orlando, 407-723-8299; bbb-tofuhouse.com

Reader’s Choice

Winner: Doshi, 1040 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 104, in Winter Park, 407-571-9264; doshiorlando.com

Runners-up: Shin Jung Korean Restaurant Orlando in Orlando and Korea House Orlando in Orlando

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