Most of the 9-1-1 firefighters have struggled to find love, but Howie “Chimney” Han located The One in Maddie Buckley despite a slow start.

When former nurse turned 9-1-1 operator Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) moved to Los Angeles in season 2 to be closer to her brother, Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark), she was running from an abusive relationship.

A few episodes into the season, Maddie formed a connection with Buck’s fellow 118 buddy Chimney (Kenneth Choi). Maddie and Chimney have since overcome a kidnapping, welcomed a baby together and both lost and found an engagement ring.

During season 7, which premiered on ABC in March 2024, fans will finally get to see Maddie and Chimney tie the knot — but things won’t be seamless.

“In typical Chimney-Maddie fashion, even such a joyous, happy, loving occasion will most likely be fraught with conflict, obstacles, and probably some trauma, too, because that’s just how they’re built,” Choi told TV Insider in March 2024. “So I’m pretty sure things will not go as smoothly as either Chimney or Maddie would like.”

9-1-1 airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Scroll down to relive Maddie and Chimney’s romance on 9-1-1:

Their Meet-Cute

Maddie was introduced to Chimney through Buck during season 2, episode 6, in 2018. At the time, Maddie was running from her abusive husband, Doug (Brian Hallisay), but she instantly connected with Chimney, who trolled her for never seeing Mission Impossible. Chimney later gifted Maddie the DVD.

Ready for Romance

Chimney was aware that Maddie was navigating a bad past romance, but left the door open for their connection in season 2, episode 8. He told her his “calendar is wide open” whenever she was ready.

First Date Disaster

During season 2, episode 11, Maddie asked Chimney out on a date but before they could go on the outing, Chimney was stabbed by Maddie’s ex. Maddie, meanwhile, was kidnapped by Doug but was later saved by the 118 and Doug is killed.

The First Kiss

The pair finally kissed during season 2, episode 13, in 2019, after making it through their traumatic day with Doug. Despite having chemistry, Maddie and Chimney take some time apart to deal with the aftermath of the stabbing and kidnapping.

Officially Together

Maddie and Chimney give their relationship a real shot at the end of season 2 and they were happily together when season 3 resumed. By episode 18, which aired in 2020, Chimney had told Maddie, “I love you.”

Baby on Board

During season 3, episode 18, Maddie revealed that she was pregnant and expecting her and Chimney’s first baby. Throughout season 4, which premiered in 2021, the couple were planning and preparing for their lives as parents.

Welcome Baby Jee

Chimney and Maddie’s daughter, Jee, was born during season 4, episode 9.

Maddie Struggles With Postpartum

During the first half of season 5 in 2021, Maddie is missing in action after leaving L.A. to deal with her postpartum and fears of being a bad mother. In real life, Love Hewitt was on maternity leave.

Reconnected in Boston

Despite feeling abandoned, Chimney doesn’t stop looking for Maddie all over the U.S. He finds her in Boston during season 5, episode 12, which aired in 2022.

On a Break

Shortly after Maddie returned to L.A. with Chimney in season 5, she decided that she wanted to coparent with him but wasn’t ready to be in a relationship.

1 Night Stand

When season 6 premiered in 2022, Maddie and Chimney had a one-night stand which reignited their romantic relationship. During the same episode, Maddie told Chimney that she wasn’t going anywhere and wanted to get back together.

A Happy House

During season 6, episode 9, the couple went house hunting. They ultimately chose to buy the “murder house,” which felt haunted but soon became their happy nest with daughter Jee.


Chimney planned to propose during season 6, episode 17, but after getting cold feet he accidentally lost the ring, which he thought was a sign. Maddie, meanwhile, found the ring in their daughter’s doll house and eventually proposed to the firefighter.

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