Aaron Rodgers appears he might want that elusive second bite of the (Davante Adams) apple.

The Raiders star receiver appeared on “Up and Adams” on Tuesday to discuss his offseason, and he dropped a nugget about his former Green Bay quarterback who is now leading the Jets’ offense.

“He’s in the ear, that’s for sure, he’s in the ear,” he said to host Kay Adams when asked if Rodgers has ever mentioned playing together again.

“But it’s not as easy,” Adams continued. “Obviously, we can get together and talk about the old times and the potential of doing this and that, but like I said, I’m a Raider, and he knows that.”

Adams, 31, has been at the center of trade rumors over the last year, though the Raiders haven’t seemed keen on trading their six-time Pro Bowl wideout, who is on the third year of a five-year, $140 million contract.

Still, Adams, while chatting on the FanDuel TV show, was effusive in his praise for the Jets, whom he called Super Bowl contenders thanks to Rodgers and their strong defense.

“Any team that has Aaron Rodgers, especially a defense that they have, not to mention the players, running back, receiver, they have a little bit of everything,” Adams added. “When you put a quarterback like that behind center, any team is a Super Bowl contender.”

The three-time All-Pro let it be known he was “frustrated” in the middle of last season as his production diminished amid the Raiders’ struggles before then-head coach Josh McDaniels’ firing.

“I’m a human being, and I have extremely high standards for myself in this offense,” Adams said in October after Week 6.

“I’m sure people are thinking: ‘They won the game, why is there an issue?’ I mean, you see why it’s an issue. Y’all should know who I am, know what I’m about at this point … when you’re a player like me, mentally, my benchmark is not wins and losses — it’s greatness. So when I go out there, I expect to be able to have that ability to put that on tape and have an influence on the game.

“That’s my purpose for being here. I’m not here just to hang out; I came here to win and to do it the right way.”

Adams has a $22.35 million cap hit in 2024, making it difficult to see him being moved any time soon.

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