Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife, Back to Black director Sam Taylor-Johnson, held hands after a rare red carpet date night.

The couple celebrated the world premiere of the Amy Winehouse biopic at London’s Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on Monday, April 8. The actor, 33, wore a black leather jacket and pants while Sam, 57, donned a black midi dress. The twosome later stepped out for the afterparty, holding hands.

Sam, who previously brought Fifty Shades of Grey to the big screen, directed Back to Black after several other filmmakers attempted to tell Winehouse’s story. The film traces the late jazz singer’s path from performing in North London to becoming a Grammy-winning artist known for hits like “Rehab.” (The movie’s title pays homage to her acclaimed album of the same name.)

Monday’s outing came shortly after Aaron, who married Sam in 2012, defended the couple’s age gap. The pair are more than 20 years apart in age and met on the set of the 2009 John Lennon biopic, Nowhere Boy, which Sam directed.

“What you gotta realize is that what most people were doing in their twenties, I was doing when I was 13,” Aaron revealed in his April/May 2024 Rolling Stone UK cover story.

He continued: “You’re doing something too quickly for someone else? I don’t understand that. What speed are you supposed to enjoy life at? It’s bizarre to me.”

The couple share two children: Wylda and Romy Hero, born in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Aaron is also stepdad to Sam’s children from her previous marriage Jay Joplin: Angelica, born in June 1997, and Jessie, born in September 2005.

While speaking to Rolling Stone UK, Aaron called his wife “a great filmmaker and a wonderful storyteller,” praising her latest project.

“People will think there’s sort of a bias to me saying it, but I think when they see Back to Black, everyone’s going to realize how fantastic a filmmaker she is,” he said.

The twosome also collaborated on the 2019 film A Million Little Pieces, adapted from James Frey’s controversial novel.

“There’s a protectiveness that I feel; I think it’s really difficult,” he told Rolling Stone UK of working with his wife. “There’s also part of me that feels like if something didn’t work, I’m the one that’s responsible.”

Sam has also shown support for her husband’s talent. When rumors began circulating that Aaron was offered the role as the next James Bond, Sam said he would do a “great” job, even hinting that she might want to make the film.

“You mean that I might direct a Bond film? The first woman director,” she joked, adding, “Carry on speculating. He’d be great.”

Back to Black hits theaters on May 17.

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