• Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography / Getty

    The Real Youth-Vote Shift to Watch

    No, young voters aren’t definitively turning toward Trump. But there’s a more specific dynamic to pay attention to.

  • Peter Macdiarmid / Getty

    The Unrelenting Shame of the Dentist

    He seems reluctant to let my teeth go home with me.

  • Photograph by Brian Finke for The Atlantic

    Matt Gaetz Is Winning

    But what’s the prize he’s after?

  • Hannah Yoon for The Atlantic

    The RFK-Curious Women of Bucks County

    What I heard from some crucial voters who are far from happy about their choice of presidential candidates

  • Jim Dyson / Getty

    The People Rooting for the End of IVF

    An Alabama court ruling that recognized an embryo as a child has put the popular fertility treatment into the center of a national ethics debate.

  • Courtesy of Elaine Godfrey

    Go Ahead, Get a Pet Rat

    Let them burrow into your sweatshirt and into your heart.

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    The Pro-life Movement’s Not-So-Secret Plan for Trump

    The Republican candidate wants to seem moderate on abortion. His would-be advisers have other ideas.

  • Chris Crowe / Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation …

    The Bird That Took a Human Mate

    How a charismatic crane that imprinted on her keeper could help ensure her species’ survival

  • Brian Snyder / Reuters

    ‘The Most Entertaining Dead-Cat Bounce in History’

    And other theories as to why Nikki Haley suddenly sounds different

  • Anna Moneymaker / Getty

    Ron DeSantis’s Cold, Hard Reality

    The Florida governor hung on for runner-up in Iowa’s GOP caucus—but was a very distant second to Trump.

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters / Redux

    The Governor Who Wants to Be Trump’s Next Apprentice

    If Trump wins the GOP nomination, he’ll want a running mate who shows unquestioning loyalty. Kristi Noem can do that.

  • Photo-illustration by Matteo Giuseppe Pani. Source: Getty.

    A Sex Scandal. A Conservative Power Network. And Moms for Liberty.

    The veil lifted on the remarkable ecosystem that fuels Republican activism

  • Buda Mendes / Getty

    Taylor Swift and the Era of the Girl

    ’Tis the season of giving women’s feelings the credence they deserve.

  • Bryan Olin Dozier / NurPhoto / AP

    A Plan to Outlaw Abortion Everywhere

    Activists hope a Trump Justice Department would criminalize the procedure, with or without a federal ban.

  • Michael M. Santiago / Getty

    Nikki Haley Offers an Alternate Reality

    In New Hampshire, Republican voters weary of Donald Trump’s histrionics and legal troubles saw a cool, calm candidate they liked.

  • Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

    Calls for a Cease-Fire—But Then What?

    On Thursday, President Joe Biden called for religious tolerance and military aid for Israel. On Friday, thousands of Muslim Americans protested against him.

  • Photo-illustration by The Atlantic. Source: Carolyn Kaster / …

    Why Commander Is No Longer His Master’s Dog

    Being a presidential dog is hard. It’s not his fault that his biting became a political liability.

  • Courtesy of The National Zoo

    Basil the Opossum Has One Eye, a Big Heart, and a Job to Do

    The National Zoo’s newest resident isn’t colorful or exotic. That’s exactly the point.

  • Illustration by Jared Bartman / The Atlantic. Sources: …

    The Pro-life Movement Is Fuming at Donald Trump

    Should he care? Its supporters will vote for him anyway.

  • Evelyn Hockstein / Reuters

    The GOP Primary Is a Field of Broken Dreams

    Donald Trump stole the show at the Iowa State Fair. The other Republican candidates looked like also-rans.

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