Summer House stars Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke have stirred up curiosity about their potential plans to relocate to New Jersey.

During the Thursday, April 4, episode of Summer House, Amanda, 32, and Kyle, 41, revealed that they were contemplating a move to the Garden State. They even toured a local property. However, eagle-eyed fans have since discovered that the $1.4 million residence is actually in Southampton, New York instead of across the Hudson River.

Social media sleuths found a Zillow listing for the three-bedroom rental house, which is located in the Hamptons instead of New Jersey. Amanda has since clarified that a New Jersey home is not in their immediate plans.

“We weren’t trying to pretend it was NJ. We were very vocal about looking at houses in the Hamptons as an escape from the city and something we could rent out during the summer,” Amanda wrote via Instagram comment on Friday, April 5. “But the price tag quickly crushed all my hopes and dreams. Sorry to anyone who felt tricked.”

Amanda and Kyle, who wed in 2021, are based in Manhattan. During the summers, they stay at a vacation home with several of their friends, which is the basis of Bravo’s Summer House.

During Thursday’s episode, Amanda explained that their new place would primarily be “an investment property.”

“We’ll still keep the apartment. But this would be somewhere I can get out of the city,” she said, noting Kyle isn’t “ready to leave the city yet.”

Amanda, who hails from Jersey, added, “Sometimes I just need to remove myself from New York. So having somewhere I could go for a week or two or a month at a time and it not be at my parents’ [house]. … I need a change of scenery. [I’m] even over the apartment. We have no outdoor space. I need something else.”

Kyle, meanwhile, loves their city loft despite Amanda’s objections that NYC is not where she wants to raise their future children.

“As we’re thinking about a family … I don’t want to get pregnant with all that riff raff. I think I’d be too stressed out,” Amanda added.

Amanda and Kyle’s family planning has recently taken a backseat as she dealt with fertility and hormonal issues.

“I don’t wanna say too much on her behalf because this is her own story,” Kyle exclusively told Us Weekly in February 2023, noting her symptoms began when she went off birth control. “When she went off, she lost a bunch of weight, but her body didn’t go back to regulating. It was kind of concerning. I think she kind of started to get in her own head as one might when you start wondering like, ‘What are the ramifications here?’”

He added at the time, “Also, all the hormonal changes … she was, like, breaking out. And I gave her so much respect because I would’ve been so self-conscious. Her hormones were just going crazy. I just had so much respect because I don’t think I would’ve had the balls [to be on camera]. I was like, ‘Wow, you are a trooper.’”

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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