Anti-Israel protesters screeched through the signing of the national anthem before a group of climate change activists were tackled by police when they rushed the field Wednesday at the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Washington, DC.

The handful of anti-Israel disruptors unfurled banners and chanted, “Free Palestine” and “You’re funding a genocide” from the third row of seat at Nationals Park, near the Democratic dugout, before play commenced. 

The crowd responded to the disturbance with chants of “USA! USA!” as the anthem was performed. 

A group of at least four Capitol Police officers could be seen standing near the demonstration, respecting the singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before making their move. 

The officers escorted the unruly attendees out of their seats shortly after the conclusion of the national anthem. 

In the 2nd inning, as House Republicans held a 4-2 lead over House Democrats, a larger group of eight climate change protesters stormed the field. 

Police officers quickly emerged from the left field bullpen and several other parts of the ballpark and tackled the protesters, who all wore matching “End Fossil Fuel” T-shirt’s.

The radical group Climate Defiance claims it organized the disruption, which appeared to force lawmakers off the field for a brief period of time. 

The crowd, once again, could be heard chanting, “USA!” USA!” during the momentary disruption. 

The field-rushers are facing federal charges, according to Capitol Police.  

“When eight people tried to protest on the field, our officers quickly stopped them and arrested them,” USCP wrote on X. “The eight people are being charged with federal charges.” 

Capitol Police said they were aware “some people planned to possibly protest” during the charity game and had a “comprehensive action plan” ready to ensure a quick response. 

In 2017, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot by a left-wing extremist at a YMCA diamond practice field in Alexandria, Va., a day before that year’s edition of the game. 

Republicans hold an overall edge over Democrats in the series by three games, with a 45-42-1 record.

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