Voters are likely faced with a rematch of the 2020 presidential election, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump the frontrunners in the 2024 presidential election.

Election polls are showing a close race between the two candidates with the election less than seven months away.

What Happened: Biden and Trump have been the frontrunners in the 2024 election for months and are the betting favorites in the November election.

The potential rematch has been viewed as a tight race, according to a new national poll of registered voters.

The most recent Morning Consult 2024 election poll of nationally registered voters shows a tie between Biden and Trump. Here are the latest results, with the results from the April 9 poll in parentheses.

Joe Biden: 42% (43%)

Donald Trump: 42% (44%)

Someone Else: 10% (8%)

Don’t Know: 6% (5%)

The latest poll shows the top two candidates tied, with Biden losing one percentage point and Trump losing two percentage points.

Of Democratic voters polled, 85% chose Biden as their top pick, which was down one percentage point from the previous poll. Of Republican voters polled, 88% chose Trump as their top pick, which was down two percentage points from the previous poll.

Independent voters, who could decide the election, selected their 2024 picks as following, with the April 9 results in parentheses:

Joe Biden: 34% (34%)

Donald Trump: 34% (36%)

Someone Else: 21% (18%)

Don’t Know: 11% (12%)

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Why It’s Important: Trump dominated the head-to-head poll against Biden in January and February. Biden has narrowed the gap in March and April, leading in some cases.

The new poll shows a high number of voters are still undecided about the election or are considering voting for someone other than the two leading candidates.

Biden has been steadily gaining on Trump when it comes to support from independent voters. The two candidates are now tied in support among these voters. Trump led by two points in the previous poll and by five points in late March.

Trump ranked ahead of Biden for net favorability in the latest poll, but both candidates continue to be perceived as more unfavorable than favorable by voters.

In the latest month, more voters reported hearing something negative about Trump than positive, compared to what they reportedly heard about Biden. The negative buzz could get worse for Trump in the next poll as his hush money trial is underway.

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