C.J. Gardner-Johnson didn’t leave Detroit without causing a splash.

The Philadelphia safety called out Lions fans and former teammates in since-deleted posts on X, expressing his disappointment in the fanbase reaction to his departure.

“Lions fans quick to turn! But ima hush,” Gardner-Johnson posted Wednesday morning.

Six minutes later, he posted again, writing “City legend though, definitely can ask any East side or west side resident! So quick (quit) playing on my name ‘fans.’”

Gardner-Johnson, 26, came to the Lions for one largely disappointing season due to a pectoral injury and while there was some hope he would return, he instead signed a three-year deal with the Eagles for a max value of $33 million.

Despite the stint in Detroit, Gardner-Johnson argued he really integrated himself in the city and with the fanbase, unlike his former teammates besides Jameson Williams.

He shared the second tweet also as a screenshot on an Instagram story with an added comment that read, “Tired of these Detroit fans. Let’s set the record straight. ONLY ME & @bigsgjamo [Williams’ Instagram handle] had the streets of Detroit behind us. All the other guys on the team was scared to go outside to kick it with the city.”

Gardner-Johnson notably made a donation to MLK High School on the east side of Detroit and attended the football game against Cass Tech last fall where the school presented him with a token of appreciation during the game.

He also made a special appearance during Detroit rapper 42 Dugg’s sold-out concert at Little Caesars Arena in November.

Williams is known to appear at Pistons home games and he hosted a football skills camp at Chandler Park Academy.

In Detroit, Gardner-Johnson recorded one interception and 17 combined tackles across three appearances, including two starts.

He also nabbed an interception for 12 yards during the Lions’ three-game playoff run, which ended in a loss to the 49ers in the NFC Championship.

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