Carnie Wilson is sharing progress photos of her 40-pound weight loss.

“Another before and ‘during’ … my health journey! This is 40 pounds down. I feel really different,” the Wilson Phillips singer, 55, captioned a side-by-side photo of herself via Instagram on Sunday, April 7. “I need to start exercising more to make the scale start to move again, but I’m so proud and pumped. Knowing that I did this PURELY through diet – no gluten or sugar, no butter and keeping fats down too.”

She continued, “Lately I have indulged in cheese and nuts which have more fat. If I chose not to eat corn tortillas, nuts and cheese – there’s no way I could keep this up. I have totally adjusted my eating habits to satisfy my cravings but in a realistic way. And it’s a miracle. 💋 Hope this inspires someone.”

Fans were quick to applaud Wilson in the comments section of her post.

“This is how we do it. We share each other’s journeys and we draw strength & inspiration from one another,” wrote one follower, while another social media user added, “You always look beautiful but now you are glowing because you look healthier and I know you feel better.”

In addition to sharing her weight loss journey, Wilson has been detailing some of the recipes she’s made over the last few months – including gluten-free and sugar-free desserts, chicken and feta burgers and more.

Wilson has also been open about her physical health and well-being over the years.

She underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 when she weighed 300 pounds, and lost half her body weight thanks to the procedure. After gaining much of the weight back, she underwent a Lap-Band procedure in 2012.

“It was the right decision for me and I’m doing really well so far,” Wilson told People at the time. “It’s all about taking good care of myself.”

While speaking to Women’s World in 2023, Wilson opened up about maintaining a positive attitude toward herself and others when it comes to health.

“When I was young, I was teased a lot for being overweight and my feelings would get hurt,” she told the outlet at the time. “My mom would always say to me, ‘What’s important is what’s inside of you.’ So I get confident when I’m kind to other people, that makes me feel good about myself. I make that a daily thing. You have the power to make someone’s day better.”

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