LAS VEGAS — Brendan Daly might have broken the hearts of a few Taylor Swift superfans if the Giants hired him as defensive coordinator, and he left behind the Chiefs and the NFL’s main love story. 

Daly’s two daughters (ages 14 and 12) are Swifties, and their interest in catching a glimpse of stardom made for one of the funnier stories during Super Bowl 2024 week, based on the Chiefs’ linebackers coach recounting the pop star’s visit to Kansas City for a prime-time game. 

“We win the game, my wife and the girls are on the field, they look in the press box and find Taylor, and they are all giddy, having a blast,” Daly said. “We went outside to the family area in the parking lot and my wife said, ‘The girls and I are going to wait.’ Good luck to you. We had two cars.” 

Daly drove home, watched the game highlights, ate dinner, brushed his teeth, set an alarm for a wake-up in three hours and climbed into bed after 1 a.m.

Then came the update from his wife. 

“They now have gotten a flat tire on the way home,” Daly said. “They saw Taylor in the golf cart from across the parking lot and got a wave. They were so giddy talking about it going home that my wife ran into the curb and blew a tire.” 

What’s a father to do? 

Daly woke his older son and they drove to the rescue. 

“Worth it for them,” Daly said. “Not a great night for me — aside from winning the game.” 

Not that Daly was surprised by Swift madness, after their family summer road trip to Montana was made to the soundtrack of Swift’s greatest hits. 

“I load up the car at 4 a.m. and we drive 24 hours,” Daly said. “Somewhere in that drive I am informed that we are leaving vacation early because we have to go get back early for the Taylor Swift concert — and not just get back for the Saturday night concert. We have to get back Friday night, because we have a full day of activities before the concert.” 

Daly will be coaching Sunday for a sixth Super Bowl ring (three with the Patriots, two with the Chiefs).

He coached alongside Giants head coach Brian Daboll — another five-time champion — for three seasons (2014-16) and was one of at least eight candidates to interview for the defensive coordinator job that ultimately went to Shane Bowen. 

Daboll’s interviews are known to be long and filled with “What would you do?” situations. 

“Fantastic experience to even just go through it and have those conversations,” Daly said. “A little chaotic for me in terms of having it take place for AFC Championship game week. I wish I had more time to prepare, but no regrets. I really enjoyed working with Daboll and have a lot of respect for him.”

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