Cam Newton said Christian McCaffrey “blew it” by not inviting him to his and Olivia Culpo’s wedding, which took place in Rhode Island on June 29.

Newton, who was teammates with the 49ers running back on the Panthers for three seasons, joked that he was “bitter” about not receiving an invite to the oceanfront nuptials in Watch Hill during the latest installment of his “4th & 1” podcast.

McCaffrey responded to a clip on social media, and recalled having a conversation with former NFL tight end Greg Olsen — a teammate of Newton’s for nine seasons — while at the wedding.

In his comment, McCaffrey said Newton hasn’t texted him back in four years, but he still wished he was celebrating at the wedding, which took place at Ocean House resort.

“Me: *Talking to Greg at the bar ‘This was a great night, but you know what would’ve made it even better?’

“Greg: ‘What?’ Me: ‘If Cam were here. I haven’t got a text back in 4 years. In fact, they just go green now.’

“Greg: *Takes sip of whiskey ‘He would’ve loved it… 4 years? Even on Instagram.

“Me: ‘Only once on there but that don’t count” (Insert laugh track). *He orders another round while they both sit in silence for 30 seconds.

“Christian: ‘Why don’t he love me man?’

“*Camera cuts to highlights of Cam and Christian together while ‘With Arms Wide Open’ by Creed plays. Scene.”

Newton then responded to McCaffrey and wrote: “What number do you have?! (share it here) – love.”

It appeared there was some sort of misunderstanding and the jokes seemed to be all in fun.

Newton also joked that he wasn’t invited because of his “beef” with 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, who attended the wedding with his wife Jenna.

“Look, damn, C Mac, I couldn’t get an invite? Is it because of the Brock Purdy beef? Was Brock there?” Newton said on his “4th & 1” podcast.

He was seemingly referring to when he called Purdy a “game manager” during the 2023 season.

“F–k that, man! You lucky I wasn’t there C Mac, because I would’ve crashed that mother f–ker,” Newton joked. “I would’ve crashed it man Oh my God it looked like they had so much fun. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to go,” Newton said. “… I at least wanted to say, ‘Bro I can’t make it.’ I at least wanted to give you a present or something.

“I found out — Jas [his girlfriend, Jasmine Brown] said, ‘Damn baby they look good.’ I said, ‘Yeah, they do look good.’ The first thing she said, ‘Damn, Olivia changed outfits three times!’ S–t, one of the outfits could’ve been a damn Meshika hat. Damn C Mac. F–k! I wanted to look like Greg [Olsen],” Newton said, referring to a now-viral photo of Olsen looking like he had the best time the wedding.

“… And typical C Mac looking like f–king James Bond. Like what the f–k, does this guy not f–king sweat? It looked like f–king Greg came out of a pool. Look at his lips guys, it looked like he dropped gallons of wine. I wanted to be there bro!… You blew it C Mac. You blew it. Do I come off as angry? Finally, like I’m really bitter! Now somebody can say, ‘you sound like you bitter bro.’ I am bitter! This time I am bitter! F–k!

“Well congratulations Olivia McCaffrey and Christian.”

Newton, the 2015 MVP, had a passer rating of 85.4 with 7,558 yards, 49 touchdowns and 32 interceptions in 35 games with McCaffrey, per StatMuse.

The quarterback-running back duo connected on 23 touchdowns in that span.

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