The 2024 US Presidential election is not expected to have a major impact on the trilateral AUKUS partnership with both Australia and the UK throwing their support behind each side of the political spectrum.

While the details of the landmark agreement to strengthen the combined military capabilities of the three countries was unveiled by US President Joe Biden along with Australian PM Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the United States could have a new leader by the end of the year.

Despite currently facing 91 criminal indictments, Donald Trump, 77, stands a real chance at returning to office after serving a term before losing in 2020 to Biden.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron and Australia’s Minister for Defence Richard Marles played down whether the presidential election would have an impact on the AUKUS agreement, as they committed to working with the leader of the US, no matter who gets voted in.

“It’s up to America who they choose as the president, it’s a very important principle in foreign policy not to involve yourself in other countries and actions and what we will do as I’m sure the Australian government will do, is work with whoever becomes the president,” Lord Cameron told a press conference in Adelaide on Friday.

“We do it in the UK on the basis that we have a very special relationship with the United States, based on co-operating over defence and security and intelligence in an incredibly close way.

“Whether it’s AUKUS – which I think is an absolutely brilliant arrangement – whether it’s with NATO’s arrangements, the most successful defensive alliance in history – all of these things, I think whoever is president, the best thing we can do to is to get those alliances, get those projects into the best possible shape.

“So whoever is the new president can see that they’re working with a very successful set of arrangements.”

Mr Marles backed Lord Cameron’s comments and said he had “complete confidence” in working with the US president regardless of the election result.

“I think that’s exactly right. We feel confident, given what we’ve seen particularly over the course of the last few months in Congress that the AUKUS arrangements really do enjoy support across the political spectrum in the United States,” he said.

“We move forward with complete confidence about what the future will hold.”

The US election takes place in November, and there has been concern over what a Donald Trump presidency means for the AUKUS deal.

Former Head of the US National Security Agency and US Cyber Command, Admiral Michael Rogers moved to ease those fears earlier in the week, telling ABC RN Breakfast “America will remain fundamentally committed to the relationship and AUKUS” whether Trump or Biden wins the election.

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