Much has been made of former USC quarterback Caleb Williams’ decision to paint his nails. Former Dallas Cowboys and NFL wide receiver Cole Beasley is the latest to weigh in on the topic. … and “Bease” isn’t much of a fan, first saying, “I just can’t with these dudes” …

With Beasley then following up after being mocked for the lack of engagement on the post. … by lighting a fire to the entire conversation by insisting that Williams’ fingernails are somehow associated with homosexuality, transexuality and pedophilia.

“Yo,” he wrote on Twitter, “it’d be different if we weren’t living in a world that is trying to make it ok for a boy to just be a girl all the sudden. Or a cat or a dog. In a world where they are trying to normalize pedophilia. Handing out awards for courage for pretending to be something you’re not. I’m trying to raise kids in a world that is getting more confusing every day. Do what you want but stop promoting the shit like it’s admirable.”


While Beasley and others ponder Williams’ choices – and while critics work to remind Beasley that his football-life choices included wearing his hair long and becoming a rapper – there’s plenty of belief that Chicago is confident in the young quarterback. After transferring from Oklahoma to follow head coach Lincoln Riley, Williams became a Heisman Trophy winner in 2022 by throwing for 42 touchdowns and five interceptions while logging 4,537 yards. 

Though USC fell short of its goals in 2023, Williams had another strong campaign, throwing for 3,633 yards and 30 touchdowns with five interceptions. 

Williams had a fellow resident of the Heisman House come to his defense when Robert Griffin III pushed back against criticism targeted at the USC legend. 

“Let Caleb Williams be Caleb Williams. Ain’t nothing wrong with him wearing pink fingernail polish and having a pink phone case. Quite frankly, if he goes to Chicago then Bears fans should be rocking whatever he is. Stop the hate and accept him for who he is,” Griffin said earlier this week. 

It’s unclear whether Williams will don nail polish during the NFL Draft, but he is widely expected to hear his name called first by the Chicago Bears on April 25. And we now know that Cole Beasley won’t likely be rooting for all of that.

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