Dwight Gooden got a happy surprise on Sunday, as Darryl Strawberry made it to Gooden’s number retirement ceremony at Citi Field after suffering a heart attack in March.

“I didn’t know until I saw him today,’’ Gooden said of when he found out his former teammate would be in attendance.

It was obviously fitting the two former Mets stars would both be in Queens for Gooden’s No. 16 being retired, as Strawberry, who flew in from his home in St. Louis, will receive the same honor on June 1 with his No. 18.

No duo is more associated with the Mets’ last World Series title in 1986 than the pair of homegrown players that exploded onto the scene four decades ago.

Gooden said that they remain in touch and are aware of how tied together they are among the fan base.

“It’s good to see Darryl,” Gooden said. “It will always be Darryl and Doc, Doc and Darryl. We’ll always be connected.”

Strawberry, still recovering from his heart attack, didn’t speak to reporters prior to Sunday’s ceremony, but SNY captured the two embracing earlier in the day.

It was a reunion that wasn’t always guaranteed, even before Strawberry’s recent health scare.

Both battled substance abuse issues and have been at odds with each other at different times.

“I’m just as happy for him and the things he’s accomplished,” Gooden said of Strawberry’s success. “I love Darryl as a person. Obviously, we’ve had our ups and downs. Things happen. When you’re close, you’re gonna have those things, but we’ve been able to work it out.”

These days, Gooden, 59, and Strawberry, 62, are back on good terms.

“I think we’re closer now,” Gooden said. “I’m very happy to see him. It brought joy to me that he had the opportunity to make it here today. When he has his day on June 1, I’ll be just as happy for him as I am for me today.”

They have been linked since Gooden joined Strawberry in the majors to start the 1984 season, a year after Strawberry made his MLB debut.

Gooden noted Sunday they were neighbors in Port Washington early in their careers and would often drive to Shea Stadium together from Long Island.

“He helped me a lot, telling me stuff, because of what he went through,’’ Gooden said.

The two will be linked again when Strawberry is honored in June.

“I’m so happy to see Darryl here and that he’s able to travel,’’ said Mookie Wilson, among the former teammates in attendance on Sunday. “We knew the relationship with Darryl and Doc had wasn’t good for a while there. But that’s been resolved and for [Strawberry] to put forth the effort to be here today shows you what you need to know.”

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