The devil eats Prada.

Fashion trends seem to be outdoing themselves on the daily, but the latest status symbol might come as a surprise.

The new “It bag” is the lunch box.

Gone are the days of carrying your lunch in a paper bag or that old tote you got while shopping.

Now you can eat your lunch at your desk in style with a lunchbox from Prada or Balenciaga.

“Lunch boxes are the new status accessory,” Dan Black, founder of the stylish food-storage company Black+Blum, told the UK Times.

Prada’s Re-Nylon lunchbox case, made in collaboration with Black+Blum, sells for a whopping $1,990 and comes with two stainless-steel bento boxes, a fork, a bamboo cover and, of course, the enameled metal triangle logo.

And if the nylon lunch bag alone isn’t enough, Prada also sells a stainless steel cutlery set for $480, a stainless steel sandwich box for $195 and a glass lunch bowl for $170.

Fashion house Balenciaga has an option that resembles more of a toolbox than a lunchbox — though it is not currently available on the company’s US site.

Balenciaga’s Lunch Box in silver stainless steel and silicone has a chrome finish and comes complete with a cutlery set, and in Canada, it retails for $950 CAD ($693.90 USD).

Meanwhile, Saint Laurent’s lunchbox resembles a fast-food to-go box, similar to the structure of a McDonald’s Happy Meal carrier — but luxury.

The $1,890 YSL Take-Away Box comes in black leather or dusty vintage brown-gold vegetable-tanned leather with suede lining and an interior pouch pocket.

Thanks to these designer brands, it no longer matters what’s in your lunch or what the food inside smells like — if it’s branded, you’ve got the latest status symbol.

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