Dominic Purcell announced the death of his father, Joseph Purcell, with a heartwarming social media tribute.

“My dad passed tonight,” Dominic, 54, began his Monday, April 8, Instagram post, which featured a photo of himself with his father and his wife, Tish Cyrus. Thanking the doctors and medical staff who helped care for his father, the actor wrote, “Your words at the end have been echoed throughout my life in regards to my dad. ‘A gentleman, such a kind beautiful soul.’”

As a father himself, Dominic said it’s the “greatest gift” to know that you are “deeply loved” and “deeply respected” by your kids, as well as to be able to see them “grow, flourish and better him.”

He added: “That was his wish. It came true. I know very clearly I can not [sic] better him but I can try and be like him. To his tribe of many grandchildren – he adored and loved you all so very much. Pass on his memory.” (Dominic shares four kids with his ex-wife, Rebecca Williamson.)

Dominic went on to thank both Cyrus, 56, and Williamson for their “magnificent” love for his father. “As he said, ‘What did I do to deserve these two beautiful angels,’” he shared.

Dominic also teased that Cyrus played music for Joseph in his final days, writing, “The songs were perfect. They brought him peace in his final hours. It was a beautiful gesture. Thank you ❤️.”

In his post, Dominic asked his siblings to “celebrate” their dad’s life by using “the lessons and examples he taught,” adding, “Let it not be in vain, the worth of him and the worth of us, nor the love we had for him and the love we have for us. That is family. Let the bloodline continue in his honor with strength, dignity and above all else. Humility. Let us all be grateful, if not. It is a life not realized.”

He concluded his message by stating, “As I write, it becomes clear to me that a worded tribute to my dad is not fair play … Such was his distain [sic] for fuss and bother. We had that in common. His humility was perfect. VIVAMUS, MORIENDUM EST. (Let us live, since we must die). Go with mum dad. Your loving son Dom.”

Cyrus, who wed Dominic in August 2023, mourned the loss of her father-in-law in the post’s comments. “The day this picture was taken was one of the best days of my life. Dom and I got our marriage license and then walked down sunset blvd with Joe,” she wrote on Monday. “He was so happy and full of life. It’s a day I’ll never forget. To know Joe was to love him … The kindest most gentle soul I will ever know. Being loved by him is something I’ll never take for granted. ❤️ RIP Joe ❤️.”

The loss of Dominic’s father comes amid drama between Tish and her youngest daughter, Noah Cyrus. A source exclusively told Us Weekly in February that “Noah was [seeing] Dominic when Tish started pursuing him” in 2022, claiming that Tish was “aware” of the pair’s romantic connection.

“The turmoil between Noah and Tish goes far beyond [what people think],” the insider added. “Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her.”

In the aftermath of the family drama, another source exclusively told Us earlier this month that Tish and Dominic are “working on communication and sought therapy together.” A second insider added, “It pushed them away from one another [and it’s] going to take time to heal.”

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