Bedtime bottoms are now the tops

As comfy couture continues influencing post-COVID fashion fads, clotheshorses from small towns to Tinseltown are getting glammy in their ‘jammies. 

“My favorite way to make lounge pajama pants look chic is to throw on a sweater or white T-shirt and a structured blazer,” gushed NYC style tastemaker Maggie McCormack, in a TikTok how-to. 

“Elevating pajamas —  it’s genius.”

Hollywood’s most haute think so, too. 

VIPs such as Blake Lively, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elizabeth Olsen are leading the charge of the “Pajamacore” fashion craze, prompting glamor girls from all walks of life to incorporate PJs-inspired outfits — namely pinstriped pajama pants — into their everyday wardrobes.

However, much like the controversial “jorts” resurgence in fashion, and the highly-debatable “dress over jeans” reboot, online trolls are having trouble embracing the nighttime togs.

Lively, 36, left fans wondering if she was ready to hit the hay when the “Gossip Girl” alum elegantly rocked a pajama-inspired number by Chanel at the Tribeca Festival Artists Dinner Monday. 

The floral finery, from the French fashion house’s spring/summer 2023-2024 ready-to-wear collection, ignited a a series of cyber critiques. Digital kidders joked that the blond looked as if she’d “rolled out of bed” or had plans to attend a “PJ party” after the exclusive soirée.

The virtual ribbing echoed that of the flak Gen Z employees in China recently caught for wearing “gross” pajama pants to the office. 

Cheeky chides aside, Lively’s fellow A-list fashionistas aren’t sleeping on the trend.  

Beyoncé paired a pair of high-fashion yellow silk pajamas with Tiffany & Co. jewels and oversized sunglasses at pal Pharrell Williams’ June 2023 Louis Vuitton show in Paris. 

And Parker, 59, stunned in sleepwear slacks while strutting onto the set of “And Just Like That” this May.

Olsen, 35, too, cut a cozy frame in blue-and-white striped bottoms during a recent errands run around Los Angeles, while supermodel Joan Smalls, 35, turned heads in the lined loungewear during a brief stint in Milan.

Striped trousers are all the rage amongst virally voguish sleepyheads, too. 

“Styling pajama pants for everyday outfits,” chimed digital fashion plate Corryn Timmerman in the closed-caption of a video post, featuring the cozy clothes. 

“These are indeed men’s pajama pants,” admitted outerwear content creator Vanessa Ferraiolo, from Pennsylvania, posing in a set of striped bottoms she snagged from Amazon.

“I’m gonna wear my striped [pajama] pants,” vowed Big Apple outfits influencer Ashley Vargas in a trending snippet. “All day, every day.”

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