Owners of the Tesla Cybertruck are allowing drivers to take the highly-coveted electric vehicle for a spin — but it comes at a steep cost.

On Turo, a car-sharing platform considered the Airbnb for automobiles, proud Cybertruck owners who forked over around $80,000 for the stainless steel SUV are charging upwards of $1,000 per day for those who wish to rent their ride.

Among the highest-priced listings for a Cybertruck on Turo, The Post found a 2023 all-wheel drive model available for $1,350 daily — though the sum doesn’t account for additional costs associated with liability insurance, and Turo’s fee.

The host’s rules for renting this Cybertruck, which is available for pickup in the affluent Yorba Linda suburb in Southern California, include “no child seats, no food, no off-road driving” and “no auto car washes.”

The owner, who goes by Mori L. on Turo, wrote in the listing’s description: “Cybertryck. Enough said,” an indication of how sought-after the EV is.

Other listings across California offer drivers the opportunity to take the same Cybertruck all-wheel drive 2023 model for a spin for a cool $1,000 per day, while a host in Austin is renting her Cybertruck $950 per day.

The Texas-based host, who goes by Christine on Turo, calls the Cybertruck “a cutting-edge electric pickup truck…[that] makes every ride a futuristic adventure.”

Tesla aficionado Brandon Kokes shared a TikTok of his experience renting a $1,000-per-day Cybertruck from Turo, which racked up more than 2.3 million views since it was posted earlier this month.

One commenter noted that the daily rental price was so steep, “whoever is renting out that Cybertruck is gonna be a millionaire within a month!”

Kokes said he flew from Colorado to Austin to be able to test drive the vehicle.

“The Cybertruck looks absolutely insane in person and has so many cool new features,” Kokes said in the video, adding that he thinks it’s “a lot better” than its Rivian rival, the R1T pickup truck.

The first iteration of the long-delayed electric truck, called the Cyberbeast, debuted on Nov. 30.

It’s unclear how many Cybertrucks Tesla has sold thus far, and the company has yet to disclose its fourth-quarter sales, though there are reportedly 2 million people on a waitlist for the SUV.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned of this bottleneck early on, citing the Cybertruck’s complex production process.

In addition, not all models of the Cybertruck have been released yet: An entry-level, rear-wheel-drive version of the Cybertruck is expected to ship in 2025 to those willing to dish out $60,990 for it.

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