This redefined a broken sleep schedule.

An unfortunate soul had to undergo emergency surgery after fracturing his penis in two places while sleeping — which left him with an ” ‘eggplant’ deformity.”

The unnamed 27-year-old patient, from Tunisia, had reportedly rolled over onto his erect penis while sleeping, shockingly resulting in “an audible ‘snap’ sound and subsequent intense pain,” as well as flaccidity and swelling, authors wrote in a case study published in the International Surgery of Case Reports.

Despite the alarming symptoms, the patient waited a whopping 36 hours before going to a hospital.

“Penile fractures, though rare, demand urgent surgical attention due to their potentially severe consequences,” study authors wrote.

Medics subsequently observed significant swelling of the penis, a “deviation to the right” and a blood clot at the base.

Also present was a characteristic “eggplant deformity,” in which the penis becomes swollen and purple like its aubergine namesake, indicating that it was fractured or broken.

While the penis is technically boneless, the word “fracture” is used to describe a tear in the tunica albuginea — the tissue that allows the penis to become enlarged and erect.

After administering general anesthesia, surgeons “degloved” the man’s appendage, revealing that he indeed suffered two fractures, measuring 7 millimeters and 10 millimeters, respectively.

Medics reported that suffering more than one break is a rarity in medical literature.

Medics were able to repair the man’s mangled member without issue, after which they sutured the lacerations and discharged him from the hospital.

By the second day, the swelling had significantly reduced while he regained “full erectile function” on the fourth.

The patient thankfully suffered no long-term problems regarding urination or sexual function from the member-bending debacle.

“During a 12-month follow-up period, the patient has not reported complications,” medics wrote.

The man’s case is particularly anomalous given that penis fractures are generally a result of the phallus buckling during vigorous sexual intercourse.

The “reverse cowgirl” position — in which the woman is on top facing away from her partner — is reportedly the riskiest in that regard, accounting for 50% of penile fractures.

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