The Chief Twit may just live up to his title!

An upcoming book, “Battle for the Bird,” claims that Elon Musk began trying to acquire Twitter after former CEO Parag Agrawal denied his request to shut down @ElonJet.

The account, run by Jack Sweeney, uses publicly available information to track Musk’s private jet, annoying the father of 11.

Sweeney runs many accounts that track high-profile people -like Taylor Swift, who threatened to sue the college student.

Musk “unsuccessfully petitioned Agrawal to remove a Twitter account that was tracking his private plane,” Bloomberg reporter Kurt Wagner claims in an excerpt of his book, posted to Bloomberg News.

Musk began buying Twitter shares shortly afterward, which led him to having conversations with founder Jack Dorsey.

He initially sought a seat on the board of directors before agreeing to buy the social media platform outright.

He paid an astonishing $44 billion for the money-losing business in October 2022.

After taking over and giving himself the title of “Chief Twit,” he quickly ousted Agrawal, along with most other executives and more than half the company’s employees.

But more importantly, Musk finally suspended @ElonJet – alongside with several journalists.

Sweeney began posting again roughly 24 hours after Musk threatened legal action.

The college student laughed it off, calling out Musk’s “bluff.”

“I do think it’s a bluff, but we’ll have to see,” Sweeney told The Post at the time.

“It’s hard to say.”

Much like his relaxed attitude over the billionaire’s threats, he’s not scared of Swift, also a billionaire, either.

“Her team thinks they can control the world,” he told the Washington Post.

Swift’s reps have accused him of threatening her safety by posting her locations.

The pop star has had several experiences with stalkers, most recently a New York City man who was arrested outside her Tribeca apartment last month and found mentally “unfit” to stand trial.

“We cannot comment on any ongoing police investigation, but can confirm the timing of stalkers suggests a connection,” Swift publicist Tree Paine told The Post.

Swift has since sold one of her private jets.

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