ESPN BET North Carolina promo code NPNEWSNC unlocks a two-part offer. As a new user, you’ll get both:

  • The first part is $225 in bonus bets after you make any wager on the platform.
  • The second part is a 200% deposit match up to $500. So if you deposit $250, you’ll get $500 in what ESPN BET calls “Eligible Cashback.” We’ll explain this portion of the offer more below.

In other states, you can only get $150 in bonus bets with promo code NPNEWS, so there’s an elevated offer for North Carolina users.

ESPN BET NC Promo Code, Part 1: Bet anything, get $225

This part of the offer is pretty simple.

  • Just deposit $10+ (though you may want to deposit more to maximize the deposit match).
  • Make a bet on anything.
  • You’ll get $225 in bonus bets, split up into nine, $25 increments. You have seven days to use them before they expire.

That’s it! Read up on the optimal way to use bonus bets if you’re unsure how to maximize these offers.

You keep any profit from the bonus bets, but not the stake itself. So say you take a $25 bonus bet and place it on UCF basketball vs. BYU in the Big 12 Tournament on Wednesday at +200.

  • If UCF wins, you win $50 ($25 x 2.0) but you don’t keep the $25 bonus bet.
  • If UCF loses, the bonus bet just goes away.

Part 2: 200% deposit match up to $500

The deposit match is a little more difficult to understand, but it will be automatically added to your account. Whatever you put in, you’ll get 200% added in what they call “Eligible Cashback” to your account, with a max of $500 (meaning $250 is the most you can deposit for the promo).

But the Eligible Cashback unlocks very slowly over time. For every wager you make, 5% of your cashback balance unlocks.

So if you make a $100 wager, you get $5 added to your account. If you make a $50 bet, you get $2.50 to your account. These aren’t bonus bets — they’re actual cash.

Only bets at -200 or longer (meaning -110 or +150 are OK, but -205 is not) will unlock Eligible Cashback.

You only have 30 days to unlock all your Eligible Cashback from your first deposit, but any cashback you did unlock you’ll keep.

Signing up for ESPN BET

  1. Download the ESPN BET app, or sign-up online
  2. Register for an account. Make sure to enter all your real information, including your real name and address. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in verification purgatory.
  3. Use promo code NPNEWSNC at checkout.
  4. Make a deposit; you can use credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, etc. Debit card is generally the most reliable.
  5. If you do want to maximize the deposit match, put in at least $250.
  6. Make your first bet, and you’ll get $225 in bonus bets immediately.
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