Eva Amurri is going into her upcoming wedding to Ian Hock as a bolder version of herself.

“It was great picking out a dress because I know myself so much more as a woman,” Amurri, 39, exclusively told Us Weekly in a recent June interview while promoting her collaboration with BenchMade Modern. “I felt I had the right this time to be sexier this wedding more than I felt last time.”

Eva, who is the daughter of Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri, added that she is “obsessed” with her bridal gown as it checked all her boxes for her second wedding.

“It’s just what I had in my mind,” she teased. “It perfectly reflects who I am today as a woman.”

Before getting engaged to Hock in February 2023, Eva was previously married to former soccer player Kyle Martino, with whom she shares sons Major, 8, and Mateo, 4. Since Eva has walked down the aisle before, she’s gone into the wedding planning process with a different mindset compared to the first time.

“I said to our ring designer yesterday, ‘I’m in the phase where I hate everyone,’” she quipped. “It’s a lot of last-minute coorating, last-minute additions, small changes. I didn’t have any children last time I got married, [so] it’s been harder in a lot of ways, but way easier as well because I don’t give any F’s.”

Eva added that her new attitude and approach has been “freeing” for both her and Ian as they get ready to exchange “I dos” later this month.

“I’m not the 24-year-old who cared a lot about what people thought, cared about keeping up with trends, those things aren’t on my radar this time,” she told Us. “Having done it once and having a fancy black tie wedding this is more down home, more casual and I’m loving that already.”

Eva shared that her sons are going to be “key players” in the ceremony which will be “very involved.”

In addition to having her family participate, Eva is also featuring two pieces from her collaboration with BenchMade Modern, which is aptly titled Happily Eva After. The collection, which is kid-friendly, includes a chair and a bench.

“I feel really invigorated designing. My kids are still very little, they range from 4 to 9, they’re normal kids, they’re not perfectly beige children. They make messes, they’re raucous and rambunctious. I’ve learned so much about durability and function,” she explained about how her little ones influenced her new venture. “But at the same time, I am aesthetically driven, I’m obsessed with home decor, I have been since my early 20s, so I never want to sacrifice the look for durability.”

With reporting by Travis Cronin 

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