The Foligno brothers won’t be attempting to follow in the footsteps of the Kelce brothers. 

Marcus Foligno and Nick Foligno were doing a joint interview with TNT ahead of Wednesday’s game between the Blackhawks — Nick’s team — and the Wild — Marcus’ team — when Paul Bissonnette asked if they would be launching a podcast with one another. 

The question was an obvious reference to the Kelce brothers’ wildly successful “New Heights” podcast. 

Marcus, who helped lead Minnesota to a 2-1 win in Chicago, said this was something that has actually come up in conversation. 

“Nick actually brought that up one day,” Marcus Foligno said in response. 

The other Foligno quickly chimed in that he didn’t think they “were as interesting” as their NFL counterparts, and they didn’t carry the gravitas Travis Kelce has since he started dating pop icon Taylor Swift. 

“Unless [we’re] dating Taylor Swift and our wives are hotter,” Nick Foligno said in an attempt at humor, which elicited generous laughter from the studio crew. 

Bissonnette opined that the brothers did a good job of “not ending up in the doghouse” with his response. 

The hockey-playing pair have a similar style to the Kelce brothers in that they like to give one another a hard time in a playful manner.

It was a big night for Nick and Marcus Foligno, with both getting on the stat sheet in big ways.

Marcus got into a fight at the 9:08 mark of the second period when he dropped the gloves with Blackhawks defenseman Jared Tinordi.

Nick then scored a game-tying goal at the 13:44 mark of the second period.  

But after that, Marcus got the best of his brother’s team, netting the game-winning goal for the Wild halfway thru the third period.

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