Food Network star and baker Duff Goldman is still in “pretty bad” shape after his right hand was injured in a car crash.

The “Kids Baking Championship” host told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday that his fingers were bent and twisted into unnatural positions during the accident and that he has virtually no mobility.

“It’s really purple, so now it’s starting to hurt,” he said. “I’ll be able to get these stitches out in about a week and then I can start wiggling, making sure I can still do what I gotta do.”

Duff Goldman is both a baker and host on "Kids Baking Championship."

Duff Goldman is both a baker and host on “Kids Baking Championship.”

Goldman shared a picture of his bandaged hand on Instagram Sunday, alleging he was hit when an oncoming drunk driver crossed into his lane. He was on his way home from the airport to celebrate his daughter Josephine’s third birthday.

“As soon as I saw the headlights, my first thought is that guy is going way too fast. Second thought is that guy is in our lane. Third thought was we don’t have a lot of room,” he recalled to ET.

Goldman told the outlet he immediately was thinking about the impact on his wife, Johnna Colbry, and their daughter when he was hit.

The Food Network host then began to do a “systems check” to make sure he wasn’t severely bleeding or immobile. “My next thought after that was I’m aware that I’m doing a systems check, which means I’m still alive, which is great. And then I was just like, ‘Thank you, God. Thank God.’ I think I said it like 50 times,” he said.

Goldman added that he was unable to make his daughter a custom “Paw Patrol” cake for her birthday, but she’s been lifting his spirits by placing stickers on his injured hand.

“On my way home from the airport I was thinking about what kind of cake I was going to make for my daughters birthday. Next thing I knew I bleeding and surrounded by airbags,” he wrote on Instagram Sunday. “A drunk driver had swerved into my lane on a windy country road.”

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The baker said he thanked his “lucky stars that I’d still be there to celebrate her third birthday even if I couldn’t make her cake.”

“I’m fine, but it’s gonna be a long road to recovery, and for someone like me who makes a living with my hands you can imagine that this is no joke,” Goldman wrote.

He concluded: “There’s no excuse for driving drunk. None. Uber, taxi, call a friend. No excuse. Stay safe friends, count your blessings. If you’re drinking don’t drive, and if you’re driving, don’t drink.”

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