Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile argued Sunday that President Biden should “speak out more” while lamenting that “nobody listens” when he does make public remarks. 

When asked during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” if Biden, 81, should make more public comments on the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, Brazile responded, “Absolutely,” before criticizing the media. 

“Not just in Israel, Ukraine – we are a superpower. He is the commander in chief. Absolutely he should speak out more,” the longtime political strategist said. 

“And also, we should cover what he’s saying because often when he speaks, nobody listens,” Brazile added. 

Biden has kept a low media profile throughout his presidency, interacting with the press far less than many of his predecessors. 

Not since former President Ronald Reagan has a commander in chief conducted fewer press conferences than Biden, according to political scientist Martha Kumar. 

Biden has also participated in fewer sit-down interviews than the previous six presidents over the same timespan. 

His last Oval Office address to the nation was in October, when he called on Congress to pass over $100 billion in security and humanitarian assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. 

It was only the second prime-time Oval Office address of his presidency.

Democratic strategist Paul Begala similarly argued in February that Biden should spend more time in front of cameras and microphones in the run-up to his November rematch with former President Donald Trump, despite his proneness to gaffes.

“I want to see more Joe Biden – the gaffes are built in,” Begala said during an appearance on CNN.

Biden has frequently told crowds that he will get “in trouble” for answering unauthorized questions.

The president has been heard on multiple occasions asking staffers for permission to “take a couple of questions” during campaign stops and public appearances. 

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