Apr. 1—GRAND FORKS — Entrepreneur and former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has endorsed Rick Becker for North Dakota’s U.S. House seat.

In the announcement made Monday, April 1, Ramaswamy said he is proud to endorse Becker for Congress. Ramaswamy dropped out of the 2024 presidential race in January following the Iowa Caucuses.

“The U.S. government is giving massive taxpayer money to companies to build a CO2 pipeline across the Midwest, including North Dakota, to appease the global climate cult,” he said. “Becker is dead set against it and refuses to bow to the bipartisan establishment who backs this sham.”

Ramaswamy said Becker also signed his American Truth Pledge, a requirement to receive the businessman’s endorsement. The pledge has four components: people elected should run the government; the first and only duty of a U.S. leader is to be a U.S. citizen; public service is about serving the public; and absence of national pride is an existential threat of threat to the nation.

Becker said he and Ramaswamy share many common values.

“Ramaswamy is an American patriot who shares my commitment to defending the truth against the radical woke mob that seeks to undermine American values,” he said. “When elected, I will join the House Freedom Caucus, stand against the global climate cult and protect the constitutional rights of our citizens.”

Becker continued: “I am honored to have Ramswamy’s endorsement and look forward to working together to protect the American conservative values and the principles that make our country great.”


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for the Republican nomination. The candidates will face off in the June primary, and whoever wins the Republican primary will be the party’s candidate in the November general election, presumably against Democrat

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so far the only declared Democratic candidate.

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