A small impediment like being 35 weeks pregnant is not enough to keep Fred Warner’s wife from watching him compete in Super Bowl 2024.

Sydney Warner, the wife of the star 49ers linebacker, revealed in an interview with People that doctors have cleared her to fly to the big game.

She laid the groundwork with her doctor weeks in advance, as San Francisco entered the playoffs as the top seed in the NFC.

“I was like, ‘I’m not gonna speak anything into existence, but let’s say we got there,’ ” she said. “I’m very superstitious. I asked, ‘Would you clear me to fly?’ And she said, yes.

“Everything’s going good so far, so as long as nothing changes in a week, we’re all good.”

The 28-year-old Sydney, who was a contestant on season 24 of “The Bachelor,” elaborated on what her game plan will be.

“I was told to stay really, really hydrated and try not to walk too much on the day of. So I’m just going to make sure I get some vitamin C packs and try not to jump around too much.”

Warner, 27, is one of the best players in the NFL, having been named an All-Pro this season and three of the past four.

Sydney said that she has had to set guardrails on herself not to cheer too strenuously for her husband.

“I just take things a little slower,” she says. “I don’t jump as high; try not to scream as loud. I don’t want to do anything too crazy. I’ve learned to pace myself. And I love seeing all the fans who are excited to talk to me about Baby Warner. It’s really sweet.”

Sydney told the outlet that her first two trimesters “were a breeze,” and at this point that “this last trimester is a little tougher, but I’m getting through.”

She continued, “I’m pleasantly surprised with my experience.”

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