Gen Z’s latest diet fad might have you belting “Burn baby burn.”

Young people in China are using karaoke to shed calories, Asia One has reported. 

A TikTok user who goes simple by Dr. Candise on the app covered the new trend in a video posted on January 8 that has since garnered 3.1 million views. 

“Chinese Gen Z’s have found an easy and cheap way to lose weight,” she said in the video.

“That is to sing for hours,” said Candise, who works as a Chinese tutor, according to her profile.

The content creator shared that a blogger went to a karaoke and sang solo for one and a half hours and burned over 400 calories in the process.

“After singing for three hours straight she burned a total of 781 calories,” Candise explained and added that she’d seen similar success with others on social media who have tried the unorthodox exercise.

The Post has reached out to Candise for more information.

“Another blogger used Fitbit and recorded 529 calories after singing for 77 minutes,” she said. 

She said another social media user burned over 1,000 calories after singing for almost five hours. 

“Singing is a form of [aerobics]. Even when seated you are able to work out major muscle groups in your upper body,” she said. 

She shared that it’s been estimated someone weighing around 132 pounds will burn 2 calories for every minute of singing (estimations which have not been verified by The Post) — though some songs are more of a workout than others.

“Singing Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ can burn 13.5 calories and you can burn 16.4 calories for singing ‘Gangnam Style,’” she claimed.

She claimed another web user sang on an empty stomach and when they weighed themself the next day, the scale said that they were around two pounds lighter.

Her commenters thanked her for the advice and said singing has various benefits 

“It’s good for improving your mental health as well!!!!,” one person said. 

“This is believable, I’m a voice performance major and my abs BURN after a while (especially Handel),” a second person said. 

“My mom does this. It was effective for her,” a third chimed in. 

And if her revelation struck a chord with you, you’re in luck, it appears as though singing while standing up may burn as many calories as yoga or light housework, according to 

“A person weighing 150 pounds will burn approximately 100 calories singing for an hour while sitting down, and a 200-pound individual will burn about 140 calories. Stand up to belt out those tunes and the calories burned increase to 140 for somebody weighing 150 pounds and 180 for a 200-pound person,” Livestrong said on their website. 

In addition to burning calories singing benefits lung capacity. 

Livestrong cited a 2006 study published in Folia Phoniatrica and Logopaedica that found after just months of vocal training, people can expect to see an increase in lung volume and rib cage and abdominal expansion thanks to sending with the diaphragm.

Singing can also be an effective stress-busting technique, according to Dr. Karan Rajan.

Rajan, a surgeon and lecturer at the University of Sunderland in England posted a video for his millions of followers in 2022 saying that humming for 10 seconds gargling water in your throat or singing could lower stress. 

“When you do any of these, you’re activating the muscles at the back of the throat and the vocal cords at the back of your throat, which are connected to the vagus nerve. Vagal tone increases which allows you to access a parasympathetic state more easily, making you feel relaxed,” the doctor explained.

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