Gen Z is once again throwing shade on their elders.

The Zoomers have declared that wearing eyeshadow shows your (old) age — a dead giveaway that you’re a millennial or Gen X.

Content creator Jennifer Latch, who posts about the “over 40 lifestyle,” shared that her daughter informed her that her makeup is for “old ladies.”

“So my daughter just told me that eyeshadow is a Gen X and millennial thing, AKA an old lady thing,” she said in a TikTok video with 1.4 million views.

“Is that true?” she asks, as her daughter laughs in the background.

The 45-year-old posed the question to Gen Z viewers, but many in the comments pointed out that her daughter seems to be Gen Alpha — and many Gen Z influencers and celebrities are all about eyeshadow.

“Nah look at Gen Z influencers. They have eye shadow but it’s often more subtle than when things were fun lol,” one person said.

“Gen Z here uhhh idk who told her that,” a Gen Z chimed in.

“22 year old here! You’ll have to pry eyeshadow out of my cold dead hands,” someone quipped.

“That’s cuz most people don’t learn how to use it until their early/mid 20s lmao she will learn,” another wrote.

Even makeup brand Urban Decay left their thoughts, writing: “Lies were told!”

Many people also wrote in the comments that the younger generation does indeed wear eyeshadow — they just wear more neutral tones and make it more subtle than older generations do.

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