Grimace’s first pitch was McGreat — and the fans were lovin’ it.

The 53-year-old McDonald’s character threw the first pitch before the Mets’ 10-4 win at Citi Field over the Marlins on Wednesday.

Grimace did it in style, too, repping the team’s City Connect hat.

The day was a special one, too; it was Grimace’s birthday.

The throw was relatively good for being in a costume in 70-degree weather in Queens. 

Certainly, it was levels above 50 Cent’s abysmal first pitch, which was also at Citi Field 10 years ago.

The rapper’s throw might just be the worst ceremonial pitch in history.

Grimace’s throw might have also been much better than — or at least on par with — some more recent ones like when Stephen A. Smith threw the first pitch at the Yankees game last September.

It didn’t even make it to home plate — not even close. 

Fans loved that one, but all for the wrong reasons.

Smith tried to cover up the flubbed pitch as a “changeup.”

Victor Wembanyama, right before he was drafted by the Spurs, also threw the first at a Yankees-Marlins game last summer, and he missed the target by a mile.

After the throw Wednesday, Grimace had some fun with the crowd, tossing out T-shirts.

Grimace also posed with Mr. and Mrs. Met on the field, where he received his own honorary jersey with Grimace embossed. 

After the game, the Mets’ X account honored Grimace, calling the mascot an “icon.”

The fact that this giant purple blob — who also had a giant mitt — threw a pitch somewhat close to home plate, it must have at least been a pretty decent birthday.

Especially when compared to past ones.  

Grimace will sleep soundly tonight, knowing his birthday trip to Citi Field was a success for the Mets, too.

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