For years, I struggled with styling my hair in a timely manner. With moderately curly, (always frizzy) thick hair, achieving sleek locks usually meant haphazardly hitting it with a traditional blow dryer until it resembled a lion’s mane and flat-ironing it in sections. The whole process would take me at least an hour (on a good day), so most times I would just toss my hair into a bun and move on.

However, these days I can get smooth, bouncy, salon-ready hair in less than 15 minutes right in my very own home — no flat iron necessary. My secret? The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush.


  • Amazon bestseller
  • Easy to use 2-in-1 tool
  • Creates a salon-style blowout
  • Good for those who never mastered using a hair dryer and round brush simultaneously
  • Budget-friendly
  • Three heat and speed settings


  • Heats up fast and gets very hot
  • On the louder side

I’ve always been mesmerized by how quickly and effortlessly hairstylists can beautifully juggle a blow dryer and round brush to create the perfect blowout. And as much as I may try, I don’t think that is a skill I’m going to master anytime soon.

Luckily, the Revlon One-Step combines both the dryer and round brush into one, making it super easy to create the perfect blowout. Instead of taking an hour out of my day to do my hair like I used to, I simply let me mane air dry and then spend about 12 minutes (yes, I timed it!) to dry my hair in two to three sections.

After almost four years of using this Revlon blow dryer, I own not one, not two but three of these babies and I will never be going back! I’ve tried the Dyson AirWrap Styler and the DryBar Double Shot — and still nothing beats the quality and price of the Revlon One-Step! The only negative I could have is the noise. This Revlon hair dryer is definitely louder than most hair tools — but the pros ultimately outweigh the one con.

I was first introduced to the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush when I was on a girl’s trip in Nashville. One of my friends was using it in the bathroom before a day out on the town and I couldn’t understand why she’d bring such a chunky and large hair tool on a quick weekend trip. After trying it out and seeing firsthand how quickly and efficiently is smoothed out my hair, I totally understood why she made the extra space in her carry-on luggage. And now I do the same thing. In fact, I brought my own Revlon One-Step all the way to Europe when I went on a trip to Italy in Sept. 2021.

I’ve got just about every person in my inner circle hooked on this blow dryer and with more than 375,000 rave reviews on Amazon, I’m clearly not the only one who’s obsessed with this product.

“Oh my goodness. I just received this brush/blow dryer yesterday and it has already changed my hair game drastically! I’m so uncoordinated with a brush in one hand and dryer in the other that I’ve given up long ago and leave my hair sobbing wet to let it dry to a kinky frizz (joys of thick hair),” said one reviewer. “But 20 minutes this morning and it’s dry, straight, and polished. The barrel is large so it’s great because it gently grabs a lot of hair.”

“My hair is naturally wavy and I let it air dry halfway before using the dryer,” said another happy customer. “It does a perfect job and leaves my hair super soft and silky. I one hundred percent say ‘BUY!’ if you are at all the fence. This thing is fantastic and has cut my time getting ready in half!”

Without being too dramatic, I quite literally can’t live without this hair tool. It’s completely transformed my blow drying routine and makes doing my hair a breeze.

Another good buy? The Revlon One Volumizer Step 2.0 Plus. It’s slimmer than the original but still does an amazing job at creating a salon-like blowout. Featuring four different heat settings, it’s ideal for those with shoulder length or shorter hair and uses a ceramic titanium barrel for less heat damage.


  • Has 4 heat settings, including low, and medium
  • Great for any hair length
  • Uses 50% less heat exposure in comparison to similar heat brushes
  • Cuts typical blowout time in half


  • It’s loud and gets very hot

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