As Sharon Stone told Dana Carvey and David Spade, she had a really specific vision in mind for Barbie’s entrance into Mattel, and the entire sequence would focus on how powerful she is. “They escort her into Mattel, and everybody falls aside because she’s the most important member of Mattel,” she explained. “All the big people are chasing her around and kissing her ass because she’s the queen of Mattel, and it’s about the power of being Barbie and what Barbie could do in the world because she’s so powerful.”

So what happened? Stone recalls that Mattel was against the idea of Barbie having a ton of power because it frightened the executives and they simply didn’t think the doll should wield all of the power. She also told Carvey and Spade that, to her knowledge, none of the individuals she faced are still working for the studio in question. Clearly, they left in time for Greta Gerwig, her co-writer and husband Noah Baumbach, and executive producer and star Margot Robbie to swoop in and convince the company that their vision was worth representing, even if it made Mattel nervous at first. 

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