People are often looking for ways to stop using single-use plastics in an effort to help the environment, which sometimes makes people wary of using zip-top bags.

Contrary to popular belief, these bags can be reused — and according to Ziploc, they can be reused “several” times.

“Because Ziploc brand bags are made with high-quality, recyclable materials that are strong enough to be used again, our bags can be reused several times,” a spokesperson for the brand told People in a statement.

The brand recommends cleaning the bags before reusing them by hand-washing them with soap and air drying them.

But zip-top bags shouldn’t always be reused — some circumstances call for them to be thrown in the trash.

Any bag that contained raw meat, fish, eggs, potentially allergy-triggering foods, spoiled foods, etc. should be tossed to avoid a food safety issue, the spokesperson clarified. Anything with clingy sauces that stick to the bag will be hard to clean and reuse.

There’s no exact number for how many times a Ziploc baggy can be reused, but storing dry foods and foods that are easy to clean and rinse will allow the bag to last longer.

However, the Ziploc brand has solutions for times when stronger bags are necessary.

Their Endurables line of both pouches and containers are dishwasher safe and can be used “again and again.” They’re also good to use for any temperature, from the freezer to the oven.

According to the company website, “All Ziploc brand Containers and microwavable Ziploc brand Bags meet the safety requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for temperatures associated with defrosting and reheating food in microwave ovens, as well as room, refrigerator and freezer temperatures.”

Ziploc Endurables can sustain temperatures up to 425°F, while Ziploc Freezer Bags can withstand temperatures between -4°F to 176°F.

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