What could he be praying for?

Hunter Biden was spotted walking into a Los Angeles church Friday wearing a familiar fashion piece. 

While the disgraced first son may have lost his notorious “laptop from hell” and Colt Cobra revolver in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction, he apparently didn’t discard the instantly recognizable silver bracelet seen in several compromising photos of himself that he saved on his hard drive.

Hunter, 54, wore the distinctive piece of jewelry on his right wrist during his visit to the St. Mary In Palms Episcopal Church, near Culver City.

The same bracelet can be seen on the same wrist in an Oct. 17, 2018, photo found on Hunter’s laptop where he brandishes a Gamo PT-80 C02 semi-automatic air pistol while standing naked in a hotel room with a nude prostitute nearby. 

He purchased the air pistol on the same day and from the same Wilmington, Del., gun shop where he illegally bought the revolver.

Hunter is also wearing the repeating-chain-link patterned bangle in a photo where he’s seen lounging naked in a bathtub while smoking a cigarette. 

His wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, joined him at the house of worship Friday, but traveled in a separate car. 

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles describes St. Mary In Palms as a church that “offers the gifts of Anglo-Catholic worship and warm fellowship to a small but hearty congregation.”

The “food, coffee, and chilled coconut milk” are “superb,” according to the diocese’s blog.    

The church notes that its call includes “doing justice for the poor and the oppressed.” 

Hunter’s church trip came on the same day his father met with the Holy Father at the G7 summit in Italy.

President Biden, a Roman Catholic, greeted a surprised-looking Pope Francis with a forehead-to-forehead hug during one of their public interactions. The pair met privately later in the day. 

Hunter was found guilty earlier this week on three felony counts related to lying about his use of illegal drugs on a federal gun form and unlawfully possessing the revolver. 

He’s slated to stand trial in California on Sept. 5 on felony charges related to alleged tax crimes. 

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