He’s on a roll.

A British bodybuilder is doubling down on his decision to eat a daily “brick” of butter to improve his body’s “function” and subsequently avoid being hangry.

And butter is only one part of 28-year-old Jonathan Griffiths’ aggressive eating plan.

The Dorset, England, man puts Rocky Balboa to shame by scarfing down 1.5 pounds of meat, half a liter of raw milk, 4 ounces of cheese, and four eggs a day, SWNS reports.

“My first meal of the day is whey, raw milk and cheese,” the 242-pound, 6-foot-1 Griffiths said.

“I’m quite a heavy chap — I need a lot of food,” he explained.

Griffiths, who dodges fruits and vegetables like they’re the black plague, noticed the carnivore diet on YouTube in 2020 and never looked back — even as experts have warned against that regimen.

“It’s more eating to function rather than eating for enjoyment… I still enjoy food but I don’t have that craving,” Griffiths said, adding that he doesn’t “get hangry anymore.”

Years ago, when he was a young bodybuilder at 14, Griffiths endured a rugby-induced spinal injury that led to spondylolisthesis, a condition that occurs when bones within the vertebra slide out of their proper positioning.

He had a spine fusion procedure in December 2022 and claims his special eating habits are helping him through the recovery.

“I have less pain and stiffness in my back, and I’m able to move more freely and comfortably… My performance is better,” Griffiths shared.

“Anyone experiencing any health issues should have started this diet yesterday,” he added.

Additionally, he says the special diet also helps ward off cravings.

Griffiths used to feel “guilty and sluggish” after a chocolate bar, after all.

Instead, he’ll now enjoy a “butter bite” snack by melting down a “brick of butter” and freezing it.

He’ll eat it later and pretend it’s chocolate — even putting it into fun and festive molds.

Griffiths says he undergoes blood tests often to ensure he’s not developing issues from his unusual eating.

“I don’t get bored of [the diet],” he said. “I maintain a much leaner physique much easier.”

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