The word “divorce” certainly doesn’t have a nice ring to it. 

And when Lauren Boc’s ex-husband unexpectedly demanded one in October, just four months after they’d tied the knot, the heartbroken Brooklynite found herself in a painfully dark place. 

But rather than sulk into the gloominess of sudden singleness, the artsy millennial decided to brighten things up a bit. 

“I custom made my own divorce ring,” Boc, 35, of Fort Greene, told The Post of her 18-carat yellow gold loop boasting a 4-carat Ascher-cut, lab-grown diamond. 

Her brilliant bauble is loosely inspired by her $6,000 art deco style engagement ring, featuring emerald calibre-cut stones haloing a 1.75-carat round rock. Its luxe look, too, is a nod to a platinum 3.7-carat emerald cut ring the brunette designed and engraved to wear on her right hand during her June 2023 nuptials. 

And she’s far from the only divorcée to deck herself out in “we’re done” diamonds. 

Emily Ratajkowski is ringing in her single status with a pair of 3-carat rings redesigned from the Toi-Et-Moi engagement ring, which featured two hulking stones. She and ex-hubby, film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, 36, officially split in September 2022. 

“My divorce ring is a beautiful reminder of my resilience,” Boc, a reproductive rights advocate-turned-professional jewelry designer, said of her repurposing. “It was really healing to reinvent my ring as I’m reinventing myself.

“I’m a New Yorker — it’s just not in me to sit around and be sad every day.” 

Ratajkowski debuted her new rocks to an online audience of more than 30 million this week. The “Gone Girl” star, 32, showcased the pear-shaped and princess-cut diamond accessories, created by NYC jewelry brand Alison Lou, on Instagram Tuesday. 

She titled the photo series, “divorce rings.” 

“The rings represent my own personal evolution,” explained EmRata to Vogue of her glistening goodies. “I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man.”

Alison Chemla, who fashioned the model’s stylish gems, told Page Six Style, “The idea behind this was always to take the original ring and rebrand it to mark the new chapter in Emily’s life.

“Just like a divorce is a separation of two people, these rings are a separation of two stones,” continued Chemla. “Now she has two rings she can proudly wear every day that serve as a reminder of how strong and powerful she is.”

The empowering perks of the posh pieces notwithstanding, divorce-ring detractors online bashed the beauty over her new bling.

“Divorce isn’t trendy or cool. This is so wack,” a social media critic rebuked. 

“Cringe AF,” scolded another. 

“[This is a] bit sad really, especially when you have a child that is affected by divorce,” added an equally disapproving viewer. “Nothing to celebrate in my eyes.”

But Boc, who tells The Post she’s enjoyed an influx of support from her more than 51,000 TikTok followers, hopes that haters will come to understand that healing can be haute.

“Divorce is so traumatic,” she said. “But leaving a relationship that no longer serves you can be powerful — and that should be celebrated with something as special as a new ring.”

“I’m looking forward to a time when I’m no longer sad and angry about my divorce,” added Boc. “My divorce ring will be a symbol of something I survived.” 

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