Beauty is skin deep — especially if you’re a dermatologist. 

A dermatologist from New York City, Dr. Mark Strom, who goes by @dermarktologist on TikTok, posted a video talking about the four products that have “completely transformed” his skin.

“I’ve tried pretty much every skincare trend under the sun but these are some of the things I’m going to be sticking with for the rest of my life,” he said in the video which has garnered over 19,000 views since being posted a day ago.

Number one on his list is using daily sunscreen. 

“The sun is the number one cause of premature skin aging and also skin cancer,” he explained to his 920K followers. 

He said a lot of the sun exposure we get is actually “ambient sun exposure” or the exposure we get “walking around on a normal day.” He credits his daily sunscreen application to helping him preserve his skin. 

The second thing that gives him glowing skin is prescription retinoids. 

He said that even though he doesn’t have acne, which retinoids can treat, using prescription-strength tretinoin since he was 23 has done “wonders for keeping my skin even toned, smooth and firm,” he explained.

He said if he could only use one treatment to beautify his skin for the rest of his life it wouldn’t be Botox or lasers, it would be retinoid.

His third go-to skin item is petroleum jelly as a lip balm. 

“I have not had chapped lips in many years,” he said. He said even when he was on the prescription acne medication Accutane, using the jelly as lip balm kept his lips feeling “the softest.”

Number four on his list is antiperspirant — but the catch is to use it at night. 

He said before using it at night, the product didn’t seem to work and he still had sweat and unsightly pit stains. However, making it part of his nighttime routine changed everything. 

The Post reached out to Strom for additional comment. 

Commenters below his post shared their thoughts on his skin tips. Some said they felt the same, while others said they wouldn’t be taking him up on his advice. 

“I’ve never had chapped lips since I started using Vaseline for my lips,” one person said. 

“I do all of these things too🤩,” another said. 

“We are not going to put deodorant on at night. Stop trying to make it happen. 🙄 The rest is facts though,” a third person chimed in.

“Using deodorant at night time don’t work in hot/humid countries,” another commented. 

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