Romanian social media influencer and celebrity makeup artist Anca Molnar died of brain cancer at 35 on Tuesday, June 11, after ignoring a cancer warning sign.

Molnar, who amassed nearly 35,000 followers on Instagram, had been “experiencing excruciating headaches more frequently” prior to her diagnosis, close friend Alina Radi said, per the Daily Mail.

“Initially, she didn’t think much of them, because that’s how we are, but she found herself struggling to carry out her daily tasks consistently,” Radi continued in an interview published on Thursday, June 13. “So, she decided to go for a specialized check-up. She told me she had a brain tumor.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, headaches are the most common symptom of brain tumors.

“Headaches happen in about half of people with brain tumors,” the foundation explained. “Headaches can happen if a growing brain tumor presses on healthy cells around it. Or a brain tumor can cause swelling in the brain that increases pressure in the head and leads to a headache.”

In 2022, Molnar sought oncological treatment in Turkey after Romanian doctors offered limited options due to the progression of her tumor. She underwent two brain surgeries and multiple rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, the tumor continued to progress, and Molnar died after ongoing intensive treatment.

Molnar was not shy about documenting parts of her courageous journey for her followers. In May, she expressed gratitude to her husband Claudiu in a TikTok video.

“I have the strongest and best man by my side, in good times and bad. Thank you my love,” she captioned a clip of her and Claudiu riding in the car.

Fans then filled the comments section with their support.

“Too much pain … Condolences to the family …. Have a safe ride Anca …. ❤️” one person wrote.

Another added, “😢 I have no words ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.”

In her final Instagram post, Molnar shared an uplifting message to her fans along with a video of clouds in the sky outside the window of an airplane.

“I came, lived beautifully and left for another world. I fought as best I knew how and with all my strength … Until the last drop of HOPE,” read the caption, as translated by Daily Mail.

She continued: “I leave my gratitude in my heart for how beautiful my life has been. Let my smile remain a testimony that I lived it to the fullest. I leave you one last exhortation: live beautifully and live to the fullest!”

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