Image Source : GETTY Internet in uproar as ‘RIP Cartoon Network’ trends amidst shutdown rumours

Cartoon Network, the pioneering 24-hour animation channel since its launch on October 1, 1992, finds itself at the centre of controversy today as #RIPCartoonNetwork trends on X (formerly Twitter). The uproar began with a statement from Animation Workers Ignited, asserting that “Cartoon Network is effectively dead,” citing industry-wide cutbacks impacting animation studios. The news has stunned cartoon enthusiasts and viewers alike, with no official response yet from the channel’s creators.

The viral video highlights the near disappearance of Cartoon Network and predicts similar fates for other studios. It also sheds light on the plight of animation workers, suggesting that layoffs could reach unprecedented levels, with many already facing more than a year of unemployment.

The video continues, mentioning, “That’s right when covid first hit, animation was able to animation was able to operate completely remotely. Making it one of the only forms of entertainment that could continue production uninterrupted, but studios decided to pay them back by cancelling projects, outsourcing jobs and laying off artists en masse.”

Watch the video here:

The video has received 8 million views to date. Fans were urged to use the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork when sharing their favourite Cartoon Network episodes on Twitter and to follow the account for updates on how to support the cause. In the comments, users began sharing brief clips from their beloved episodes.

A user shared a clip, expressing fondness for ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’ and sadness over reports of poor treatment of its animators, hoping they find new opportunities soon. Another user commented, “It is really end of era on the iconic childhood memories in Cartoon Network.” A third user added, “Ngl Cartoon Network not existing anymore would hurt.”

Watch X users reactions:

However, Cartoon Network has clarified to that, “Cartoon Network would like to clarify that there is no truth to the speculation that the network or the studio is shutting down. With a number of recently announced greenlights, we remain committed to continually investing in innovative content that entertains and inspires our viewers across the globe.”

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