Jason Kelce scolded his little brother Travis over his blowup with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid at Super Bowl 2024.

Speaking on Wednesday’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast, the Philadelphia Eagles center told the Chiefs tight end that he went too far by screaming at and bumping his long-time coach as tensions ran high on the sideline.

Travis was seen losing his cool in the second quarter after being off the field on a play where Isiach Pacheco fumbled and the 49ers recovered.

“You crossed the line,” Jason told his brother. “I think there’s better ways to handle this, retrospectively.”

The altercation saw Travis raise his voice at Reid, before bumping him with enough force to make him stumble.

Running back Jerick McKinnon quickly grabbed Kelce and pulled him away.

Kelce was upset as he came off the field after a 52-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman set the Chiefs up at the 49ers’ 9-yard line.

Reid called a personnel package that did not include Kelce on the next play.

Jason and Travis both talked about emotions running high on the field.

“It was pleading with your head coach to let you go out there and win this s–t, me and you both know what that is,” Jason said.

“Big Red, sorry if I caught you with that cheap shot, baby,” Taylor Swift’s boyfriend added.

After the Chiefs’ 25-22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime, Kelce was seen giving Reid a hug.

“As much as he bumps into me, I bump into him,” Reid said. “He caught me off balance.”

“I was just telling him how much I love him,” Kelce quipped.

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