Jelly Roll is known for his incredible voice, but right now, it’s his weight loss progress that he’s singing praises about.

“I’m probably down 70-something pounds,” Jelly, 39, revealed in an interview with People published on Saturday, April 13. “I’ve been really kicking [but], man.”

The country star then went on to share the workout routine that he’s been following in order to slim down.

“I’m doing two to three miles a day, four to six days a week. I’m doing 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna, six minutes in a cold plunge every day,” he disclosed, adding that he’s also changed up his diet and is “eating healthy right now.”

While Jelly Roll is happy with the results he’s been seeing on the scale, he confessed his health journey is nowhere near done and he plans to keep up with his new lifestyle.

“I feel really good,” he opened up. “I was thinking, I plan on losing another 100, 100-and-something [pounds]. If I feel this good down this weight, man, I can only imagine what I’m going to feel like by the time I go on tour.”

Jelly Roll’s weight loss follows his previous January announcement that he was going to participate in the 2 Bears 5K on May 7. However, the Grammy nominee made it clear that he wasn’t going to be trying to outrun anyone during it.

“I don’t know if ‘running’ is going to be the word, but I’m definitely going to get the 3.1 miles done — probably a brisk power walk,” he previously told the publication during an interview in February. “My goal is to be able to do a 15-minute mile.”

Jelly (real name Jason Bradley DeFord) exclusively told Us Weekly last month that he was focusing on wellness ahead of every concert. “I’ve been focusing more on my health recently – so we’ve added time before to take a min and a breath before the show too,” he shared.

Wife Bunnie XO is there to support him amid his weight loss journey. A source exclusively told Us in February that the pair are stronger than ever. “Now they feel like they’ve overcome so much together,” the insider said, explaining that Jelly Roll and Bunnie “have an ‘us against the world’ mentality.”

The couple first met at one of his 2015 concerts in Las Vegas and tied the knot one year later. “For all his recent success, Jelly Roll remains exceedingly humble,” the source added. “He’s having a blast, and so proud to show off his wife.”

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