Kanye “Ye” West has filed paperwork for a bizarre trademark to launch product lines for everything from “biological cloning” and “computer hardware” to “plush toys,” “moisturizers” and “wireless receivers in the form of jewelry.”

Ye filed nine separate trademark applications for the phrase — “I miss you when I wake up before you” — with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Jan. 11, the Daily Mail reported.

The 46-year-old rapper — who recently announced another project to set up an entire self-sustaining city in the Middle East — wrote that same sentence as a caption on Instagram honoring his wife Bianca Censori for her 29th birthday on Jan. 6.

The goods and services Ye is seeking to protect are a seemingly random assortment, including “home design services,” “design of signage,” “exploration services in the field of the oil, gas and mining industries” as well as a website “featuring charitable fund raising services and information,” per the trademark filing.

Items listed in the documents include a “life-size inflatable dummy with water-filled base,” “floating recreational lounge chairs” and “squeezable squeaking toys.”

The trademark application has been accepted by the trademark office, but has not yet been assigned to an examiner, according to Daily Mail.

To secure protection of “I miss you when I wake up before you,” Ye will have to show how he plans to actually use the trademark with each of the products and services listed in his application.

The filings were submitted to the trademark office by Ye’s attorney, Gregory K. Nelson, on behalf of Ox Paha, Inc., an LLC also used by the musician to file his recent trademarks for “YEWS” and “YEEZY PODS,” Daily Mail reported.

Ox Paha is also reportedly listed at the same address as Ye’s office, on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Nelson submitted documents to trademark the other two phrases in October.

While the “YEWS” filing did not reveal what the Grammy-award winner plans to do with the trademark, he recently debuted an obscure news bulletin website called Yews News.

The site displays everything on a mobile phone, with three designated drop-down menus dubbed “10AM,” “3PM” and “8PM,” each featuring articles related to Ye and a variety of other topics.

Stories listed under Tuesday’s date, for example, include ones titled “Germany Thinks Russia Will Start WW3” and “Cloned Monkey Survives For 2 Years.”

He also recently revealed in a post on X that “YEEZY PODS” are a type of shoe that look like socks and will retail for $200 on yeezy.com.

He called it “our first product since liberation from Adidas.”

Adidas had a hasty, high-profile breakup with Ye in October 2022, after the rapper engaged in a series of antisemitic outbursts and public meltdowns.

The move cost Adidas, which was raking in billions from its Yeezy product line in partnership with Ye who was reportedly paid $220 million annually as part of his deal with the German sportswear brand.

By 2019, Yeezy eclipsed $1 billion in sales annually, skyrocketing Ye’s net worth. However, Ye fell out of the billionaire ranks after cutting ties with Adidas.

The Post has sought comment from Ye via his attorney, Gregory Nelson.

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