Be slim like Kim.

Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer is revealing how you can transform your body and improve your mental health in as little as five minutes a day.

Senada Greca, whose clients also include Bebe Rexha and Miranda Kerr, shared her tips and tricks for building healthy habits and strong bodies last week on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast.

Greca founded the app WeRise, a female empowerment platform that takes a holistic approach to health, wellness and personal development. She stresses the importance of consistency for those looking to begin or revitalize their fitness journeys.

“I always stay start small,” she told Shetty. “You want to climb that mountain one step at a time…Start with five minutes and then build that habit.”

Greca maintains that we need not motivation but commitment to create a daily habit.

“Start with what is attainable,” she continued. “Five minutes a day for a week, 10 minutes the next week for a week, and then you start building from there again — that makes it more accessible.”

While you may not see drastic results from five minutes of effort, Greca insists that starting small and sticking to it will allow you to create a solid foundation for fitness.

“You’ll start to create a habit, and that’s what’s key to making fitness a lifelong activity,” she said on the podcast. “While in the immediate term, it doesn’t provide results, that five minutes will set you up for success.”

Greca stresses that accessibility and routine are the twin tenets of maintaining that success. She notes the importance of scheduling your workouts for the same time each day to stay on track.

“There is no specific time that is the ‘best time to work out.’ When do you feel more energetic? What time is best suited for your life and your lifestyle? I would suggest beginners have it in the morning so you get it out of the way and don’t leave it up to chance,” she added.

Greca also suggests creating an environment that supports working out, whether dedicating a space in your home to fitness or laying out your gym clothes the night before. As she explains, “It eliminates another step.”

What can five minutes do for you? In addition to being a building block for a lifelong commitment, Greca shares that a few minutes of walking or running followed by squats or deadlifts is a powerful place to start.

“It will target some of the biggest muscles in your body — maybe do some rows and then you got a few movements covered,” she shared.

If you’re working out at home, Greca says that anything can become gym equipment: “Utilize your body weight — you can do hip thrusts with your shoulders on the couch.”

She jokes that even children can become fitness props: “Grab a kid, put them on your hips, and do the hip thrusts. I’m a big believer that you can turn anything in your house into something to work out with. It’s doable.”

A fan of home and gym workouts, Greca credits her meditation, journaling and gratitude practices for helping support her body, mind and spirit.

Greca says Kardashian, 43, is among her most committed clients and is always up for a challenge.

“She shows up on time and is ready to go, never does she complain or back away from something,” Greca gushed.

For Greca, training celebrity clients like Kardashian is less about accolades and more about influence. Having battled through an eating disorder and “working out for all the wrong reasons,” it is paramount to Greca to spread her message of balance, nourishment and strength.

“I believe in working with these people that have such high influence because of the impact that they will have on the larger population,” she confessed.

“Through them, I can send a message of strength to women; strength is beautiful, strength is confidence,” she continued. “If I can send that message, especially to young women, then my purpose is fulfilled.”

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