Kylie Kelce couldn’t bring herself to watch her brother-in-law Travis Kelce play in the Super Bowl on Sunday over her “superstition.”

Despite joining the rest of the friends and family at the pricey $1 million VIP suite at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Kylie refused to watch the football action in real-time.

“At some point Sunday my superstition kicked in hard,” Kelce wrote on her Instagram Story Tuesday night.

She resorted to watching her friends’ reactions throughout the thrilling overtime game as she was later snapped facing away from the field.

“I refused to watch the game, even via the TVs. Here is @sarahhking_ being the real MVP. I was just watching her reactions and that kept me in the loop 🤣❤️.”

Kylie’s superstition efforts seemed to have worked a charm as the Kansas City Chiefs snatched the Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers 25 to 22.

The nail-biting match-up saw a star-studded suite cheer on Travis and the Chiefs, including his girlfriend Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Blake Lively, Miles Teller, Keleigh Sperry, and Lana Del Rey.

Alongside Kylie Kelce, Travis’ brother Jason was also in attendance, as well as their parents Donna and Ed.

After the Chiefs’ big win Sunday night, Swift was seen kissing her man on the field.

But it seems as though the real life of the party ended up being Jason Kelce, whose booze-fueled antics at the afterparty went viral on social media.

While wife Kylie was not spotted attending any afterparties, Jason certainly partied enough for the both of them as he had a lot to celebrate following his brother winning his third Super Bowl title.

The NFL star was seen rocking out with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in the DJ booth at a Las Vegas nightclub into the wee hours of the morning.

Images and video of Jason went viral as he wore a Lucha Libre mask and Chiefs overalls for the post-big game festivities, which included him dancing solo to a remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi.

Another video showed him walking into a tree. 

“I was there! I saw Jason, and he was the life of the party, man,” Mahomes said on the GMA Tuesday. “Those Kelce brothers, man, they’re the life of the party wherever they go.”

Mahomes said that with the NFL’s biggest game of the season taking place in the party of the country, he anticipated a long night of celebrating. 

“Winning the Super Bowl in Vegas, we knew it was going to be a long night,” he said. 

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