MISS America’s 2024 pageant has been slammed as low-budget by some fans while others questioned if the topics given to contestants were random as claimed.

This year’s competition kicked off in style in the Walt Disney Theater in Florida with hosts Terrence J and Nikki Novak quickly helping to whittle down the field to 11 semi-finalists.


Viewers of the Miss USA Pageant are not happy with this year’s productionCredit: Miss America
One of the hosts did not turn their microphone off when one of the contestants were singing


One of the hosts did not turn their microphone off when one of the contestants were singingCredit: Miss America

Yet some fans were initially perplexed about how to watch the show which was not being shown on any network but being streamed through the pageant’s website.

The streaming situation also meant that the hosts filled what would have been ad breaks with segments with the crowd.

While Terrence J did win some applause from some fans for his skills at “crowd control,” others were less than thrilled with the hosts.

“Wtf happened to miss america why is it so low budget what is this question panel who are these annoying hosts ??” commented a user on X.

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“These hosts are painful to watch #theresheis #missamerica,” added another.

“I’m loving how there’s no commercials since this isn’t being broadcast on TV,” one viewer argued back.

“We get to witness all the shenanigans with the crowd, and Terrance J is truly great at crowd control.”

Some fans were also perplexed by a relatively new segment to the show where the semi-finalists were given a broad topic seemingly at random to which they had to speak for a minute.

The topics included family and education.

However, some viewers were skeptical of how well the finalists were able to answer the questions if they were not chosen beforehand.

“Def giving these ‘random; topic a STRONG side eye,” one user said.

“I have a feeling they were at least given a heads up, it’s too risky for a live broadcast in a competition like this to throw them into that totally blind,” read another X post.

“Remember the whole ‘stand behind the contestant you want to advance’ debacle?!

“Omg this new hot topic phase of competition… I think I love this,” wrote a third.

“No more long-winded, tricky a** questions that take up 20 seconds just to ask?? Yes please!” chimed a third.

Once the semi-finalists had moved through the fitness and topics section, they were then asked to show off their talent.

Yet a technical malfunction appeared to see the hosts’ mic left on while a contestant was singing.

“Umm. Turn the hosts mic off,” said a user.

“Omg whose mic’s not off? Be serious,” said another.

“These contestants deserve a much better production than they’ve been getting… someone please turn off the host’s mic while she’s singing!!” voiced another.

The Miss America pageant kicked off at 7pm on Sunday with a contestant from every state.

After interviews earlier in the week, the semi-finalists were announced at the start of the show.

The winner of the entire pageant has yet to be announced but Miss North Dakota was expected to be a favorite.

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