Madison LeCroy is looking back on her and Olivia Flowers’ confrontation with Taylor Ann Green on the Southern Charm season 9 reunion.

“I guess I should’ve played victim. 🙃,” Madison, 33, wrote in the comments of Page Six’s Friday, January 19, Instagram post about her reunion bond with costar Olivia, 31. “I forgot we don’t hold people accountable for anything these days. Enjoy y’all’s sleepover.”

Olivia responded to her pal, sharing three clapping emojis before other fans claimed the twosome were acting like mean girls.

“[Olivia], Mean girls? Isn’t that so 2004 😂,” Madison jokingly wrote back, referring to the Lindsay Lohan film that came out that year.

Olivia succinctly advised Madison to “let ‘em sleep 😴” and move on.

Madison and Olivia came face-to-face with Taylor, who previously was Olivia’s BFF, during the season 9 reunion that aired on Thursday, January 18. Taylor, 29, was alone on an island as the ladies of Southern Charm criticized her secret kiss with Olivia’s ex Austen Kroll — as well her decision to lie to the cast about it happening — and her supposedly exchanging “sexts” with costar Whitney Sudler-Smith.

“I don’t think any one of us hates you. I think we’re disappointed in your behavior. That has caused a major setback with the girls,” Venita Aspen quipped during the episode.

Madison, who also previously dated Austen, reiterated that she has not completely cut off Taylor. “I’m not saying you’re the worst person ever, I’m just keeping you at arm’s length,” she said on Thursday.

Seemingly in retaliation, Taylor outed Olivia’s hookup with former cast member Thomas Ravenel.

“I genuinely didn’t know how to handle this situation. My whole intention was to come out and fix this,” Taylor later said of Olivia, apologizing for betraying her trust when she kissed Austen, 36. “Obviously, I know that this is probably not going to be the resolution. I hope that it is at some point.”

Olivia, meanwhile, confessed that there’s no chance that they could mend fences, but she did offer Taylor condolences regarding the death of her brother late last year.

“I will not be friends with you. But I’m not going to make this miserable for you,” Olivia said. “I’m not going to be negative. We can move forward — that doesn’t necessarily mean together.”

Madison, meanwhile, was initially shocked by the drama between Taylor and Olivia when it first unfolded.

“I was like, ‘No, not one of your best friends.’ So that was kind of hard to hear. More so for Olivia’s sake,” Madison exclusively told Us Weekly in September 2023. “I mean, girl code. We know the guys are going to break it, but the girls, I don’t know. And I didn’t expect it out of her, honestly.”

She added, “I think the girls especially were just shocked because the side of Taylor that we see is this kind, nice best friend vibes, and then to then see this, it was not so refreshing.”

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