Since moving on from her namesake cosmetics empire eight years ago, Bobbi Brown hasn’t exactly been resting on her laurels.

The 66-year-old makeup mogul, TikTok superstar, and newly minted grandmother has ticked off an impressive list of accomplishments, including renovating and re-imagining The George — a chic, 32-room boutique hotel in her basecamp city of Montclair, New Jersey — and launching yet another beauty juggernaut, Jones Road. Available online and at a handful of packed-to-the-rafters, company-owned stores, the not-quite-four-year-old brand is beloved for its sheer textures, wearable colors, and skincare-infused formulas.

The ultimate straight-shooter, Brown doesn’t try to dazzle when asked for her list of cherished fashion, decor, and food must-haves. From gut-supporting bone broth to crazy-comfy loafers, a drugstore moisturizer, and “just the right kind of tight” leggings, she’s the real deal. 

“They’re an amazing fit. But most importantly, they’re the only company that really offers petite options. Note to designers: there are people of all sizes!”

“Miracle Balms in general are a multi-use, quick-fix product that makes you look less tired and more vibrant, and it always works. My favorite shade is ‘Magic Hour.’” 

“My husband gave me my first pair of Ted Muehling earrings shortly after we started dating, and I’ve been getting new pieces for special occasions ever since. They make me feel pretty and can dress up the simplest outfits.”

“We have my long-time manicurist, Roza, come to the Jones Road office every two weeks to do nails for the team. She helped us develop our new nail kit, which has the perfect red and pink polishes.” 

“These make me feel like I’m standing on a rubber kitchen cooking mat. They’re so comfy and look just like my Gucci and Prada loafers. They’re my go-to shoes.”

“I always have this with me — in brown. It’s the best eyeliner I’ve ever used because it goes on easily and is a neutral color that everyone looks good in. I also use it to fill in my brows, and in a pinch, it even covers gray roots.” 

“I’m obsessed with the work of Endless The Artist and David Pher. I tend to decorate my homes in neutral tones, and this is the best way for me to add pops of color to brighten up a room.” 

 Endless “Queen Elizabeth” in the background of the Melanie Dunea portrait inside her home. 

“Love Soho Beach House — just not on a Saturday night!” 

“I’ve recently become a fan of CeraVe.”

“I’ve been drinking Brodo bone broth since Marco Canora opened up a window in his restaurant Hearth. It’s so delicious and good for my gut, and now it’s available in supermarkets!”

“An Infrared sauna is great for stress relief.”

“They look good under a blazer and fit my body without being too big in the arms. I like to wear a black one when I work out.” 

“Thin, flattering and the right kind of tight.” 

“I love well-cut, soft cotton underwear. Everything they have, from robes and tanks to underwear, is super soft and comfy.” 

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