With summer right around the corner, Megan Fox wants single girls to remember that boys are not a hobby.

“Just learn a skill or develop a hobby, and do not waste your energy on boys,” the Jennifer’s Body actress, 37, told E! News at the 2024 Revolve Festival on Saturday, April 13. “All they’re going to do is drain you. Just move on. Invest in yourself.”

Fox’s comments come almost a month after reports of relationship problems between her and fiance Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker). A source exclusively told Us Weekly in March that Fox and Kelly were living separately. While the source noted that the couple had always been “up and down,” they were currently working through a “rocky” patch in their relationship.

“They did this arrangement to give each other some space while still being together,” the insider explained. (Fox is living in Malibu while Kelly is residing at their shared home in Encino, California.)

“[They] are at a low moment right now. It changes every day,” the source claimed, adding that Fox has asked friends “to set her up” with other people.

The couple got engaged in January 2022. However, the source told Us that the couple has “no plans” for a wedding “any time soon.” The insider added, “Friends around them don’t see them completely ending the relationship as they truly change their minds every day.”

Fox offered her own update on the status of her relationship in March as a guest on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “What I’ve learned about being in this relationship is that it’s not for public consumption,” she explained. “So I think as of now, I don’t have a comment on the status of the relationship per se.”

She added, “What I can say is that [he] is what I refer to as being my twin soul, and there will always be a tether to him no matter what. I cannot say for sure what the capacity will be, but I will always be connected to him somehow. Beyond that, I’m not willing to explain.”

The Transformers actress acknowledged that she understands her and MGK’s relationship is both “confusing” and “interesting” to the general public.

Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, Fox still listed Kelly as one of her top three dream headliners for Coachella in her interview with E!

“Well, obviously, I have to say Machine Gun Kelly,” she said on Saturday. “I’m not in the modern era, so I would say, Guns N’ Roses or, you know who I would love to see, is Weezer. Weezer’s so fire.”

Fox also shared a clip of her dating advice via Instagram with the caption, “Life advice from a relationship expert.” The post earned a comment from MGK, who wrote, “PREACH.” Additionally, Kim Kardashian also responded in the comment section via Instagram, saying, “Not No.”

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