One mother of the bride is causing a commotion on the internet because of the dress she wore to her daughter’s wedding — and no, it wasn’t white.

Louisiana mom Lori DeWitt is seen in an Instagram reel walking down the aisle in a green floral custom Audrey + Brooks dress with a plunging neckline, detachable bow and train.

“The most stunning MOB dress we’ve ever seen!!!!” wedding content creator Chloe LeBlanc captioned the post.

Meanwhile, the bride, Amanda DeWitt Leblanc, wore a Romona Keveza off-the-shoulder trumpet gown to walk down the aisle.

People found the 53-year-old mother’s dress quite controversial, with some in the comments saying she was “trying to upstage her daughter.”

“Wow. Couldn’t she let her daughter be the bigger deal that day?!!! If my mother did that I’d send her back to change,” someone admitted.

“Beautiful dress. Beautiful woman wearing it. Wrong occasion,” one person commented.

“Ridiculously low cut. Beautiful fabric, trashy cut for a wedding. Period,” another said.

“Beautiful but a bit over the top considering her daughter’s dress!” one noted.

“Why does MOB want to be the centre of attention???” someone else questioned, while another asked, “Why upstage your daughter????? Shocking.”

“It’s not the mother’s day!” a user exclaimed.

However, not all the comments were negative — some people found the negative comments to be “projecting their insecurities.”

“If my mom doesn’t do this she has to go home. I would be pissed if she did anything less!!!” someone said.

“You go Mom!! You look fabulous!! I can’t wait until my daughter gets married! I wanna look just like you!!” another wrote.

“A lot of y’all have mommy issues and it shows,” one person quipped.

“I love this so much! I want my Mom to feel So beautiful on my wedding day, ya’ll are cray,” one comment read.

“My mom never got a wedding, absolutely I want to make her feel special and beautiful like what are yall going on about,” someone shared.

Luckily for the mom and daughter, they have a good sense of humor.

“We didn’t realize my dress was going to spark a debate, but we’re laughing about it,” Lori told “I’m the last person you’d expect to go viral. I don’t even post photos!”

Amanda, 26, and Lori bought their dresses during a shopping trip to New York City — and they claim there’s now even a waitlist for Lori’s custom Audrey + Brooks dress at Flora on Madison.

“The response has been amazing. We have a substantial number of women on the waitlist. We are taking virtual appointments for our out of town requests,” Flora Petakas told The Post. “I encourage the mothers of the wedding to wear a dress that makes them feel beautiful and important; don’t minimize your role.”

“It was originally strapless — but I didn’t think that was appropriate for a Catholic Church, so they changed the neckline,” Lori, an interior designer who specializes in college dorm rooms, shared with TODAY.

Unlike the internet, Amanda thought her mother’s dress was “perfect.”

“I love what she wore,” Amanda, a podiatrist in Florida, told TODAY. “My mom looked absolutely stunning.”

“It was just as much her day as it was mine,” she shared, adding that she and her husband “wanted our family members to shine.”

Amanda’s mother-in-law wore a pink statuesque gown with statement flowers.

However, even though Amanda and Lori both loved the MOB look and were able to laugh about it, Lori found the criticism to be “a little heartbreaking.”

“I would never do anything to hurt my daughter,” Lori said. “Everybody just wanted to look their best.”

“For my next daughter’s wedding I think I’m going to show up in a burlap sack that says MOB,” she quipped.

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